Aries Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The darkening of the Moon in the Aries sign will slow our ego, but the Sun smiles at us from the opposite side of the Zodiac. Observed from the angle of astronomy, the lunar eclipse or the eclipse of the Moon represents the alignment of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon, such that the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow and does not reflect the sun’s light – it does not appear in the night sky.

Eclipse is a relatively common occurrence, occurring 2 to 3 times a year and can be mathematically predicted by the so-called Saros’s series. Due to the specific angle of light reflection on the Earth’s atmosphere, the Moon takes on a reddish color and becomes “bloody”.

Eclipses are particularly concerned with mundane astrology since solar eclipses (sun eclipses) especially affect the rulers (which are in the symbol of the Sun), and lunar eclipse especially affects the people (which is in the symbol of the Moon).

When the eclipse happens and how it affects us

AriesThis eclipse occurs in the first decade of the Aries sign (Moon and South Moon Node) and the first decade of the Vage (Sun) sign. According to Rupert, the South Moon knot in the eclipse contributes to the strengthening of the lunar influence, the desire for domination is expressed, the ego is shaken, the satisfaction of emotional and material needs is sought.

On the opposite side of the Zodiac, the Sun will smile at the fixed star Zaniah and bring honor, honor, reputable partner, writing success, the need to associate and contract/marriage.

Perhaps at first glance, we think that his influence is not strong, but we are deceiving each time. There’s still a thousand surprises in us. And sometimes we do not want it to be over.

How it can help you

It’s important to see which fields fall into your eclipse and with which planets the aspect works. Agree with the story as if it were part of a mosaic. You know best what’s broken into you. If you do not know, remember the past cycles and events that you have brought. Similarly, he is rejoicing in a similar way.

Try to link the events that have taken place and you will be able to anticipate what is ahead of you. Aries and Libra as the dimensions of male and female polarities always place emphasis on relationships, both with others and those within us. Lunar eclipses stimulate events and develop them to the very details. Imagine an image in the time you capture with your camera and wait for it slowly to develop. Then you notice everything you did not see the first time. Beauty is incalculable.