What Is Psychic Energy and How Do You Protect It?

psychic energyHave you heard of chakras and aura? Everyone has them, even people who do not believe. These concepts are as old as man him/herself. On the physical level, chakras are all associated with nerve cluster and plexuses in the body. Think about this for a second, all chakras follow the flow of the spine and the main branch of the central nervous system.

The 7th chakra corresponds with the upper brain region, the 6th chakra is associated with the frontal lobe, the 5th chakra corresponds with the base of the throat and the surrounding nerves, the 4th chakra, also known as the heart center is associated with the human heart, blood flow and so on, the 3rd chakra is the solar plexus and it is an area where large amounts of nerves are centered, matter of fact, one of the most dangerous punches in martial arts is to the solar plexus, it also converges with the nerves of the stomach.

The 2nd chakra, also known as the sex chakra is located in the centerline of the body, right in the middle two horns of the pelvic bone, a lot of nerve ganglia are centered in this area. The 1st chakra, where the eternal Kundalini energy emerges, also known as the root chakra, is located at the bottom of the spine an area where the central nervous system and the spinal chord finds its base. It is the activity of all of these centers that creates our physic energy, it is from these areas that our aura is produced based on which chakra center(s) are most dominant and via our mood.

Some People Have Stronger Psychic Energy

One thing that you have to know is that some people have stronger psychic energy and aura than others. The reason by this varies, but in some cases, it is because of health, spirituality, fitness, involvement in energy work such as physical and spiritual yoga, internal alchemy practices like tai chi, neigong and qigong. Some people are just born with higher levels of psychic energy as well. Anyone can increase their level of psychic energy.

Psychic Energy Has Been Called Many Things

Throughout the ages, every culture has had a name for psychic energy. In Chinese Taoist tradition, it is known as chi or qi. The Japanese call it Ki. The Yogis of India call it prana. In the west, we are learning how powerful the body actually is compared to what was once taught. There are even certain types of recording devices that can photograph the energy emitted from the human body. This energy is real, it starts with the central nervous system, it uses the vagus nerve as a transport, it is produced by all the major and minor organs, and glands of the human body.

Anyone who is in touch with their body, their emotions, their mind, and how has taken the time to learn how feelings emerge, will be able to tell you where anger exists in their body, where hatred, jealousy and even happiness. As modern psychology says, feelings are more real than emotions. Feelings are physiological in nature, emotions are how we feel about this stimuli. Modern neuropsychology even talks about how the mind is relative, how it exists in our brain and extends to our entire nervous system. The last thing that modern psychology says is that it is relational– We are affecting and being affected by everyone and thing around us. To be human is to connect, even when we don’t want to, even when we think that we are not, other people, animals, and the environment are having a conversation of sorts that we are not always privy to! The more you are in touch with yourself, the greater your ability to perceive and experience these things.

Your Psychic Energy Is Always Under Attack

Because our mind and body are in concert with others, sometimes the music that is made is more like an awful cacophony. A lot of the energy that is directed to us either consciously or unconsciously isn’t positive. Sometimes this can just come from people who are having bad thoughts about us, and in the most awful cases, it is because people are actively playing with energy and directing negativity our way.

Spiritual People Are More At Risk

The greater your energy level, the more at risk you are. High psychic energy can make you strong, but it can also make you an easy target. Empaths are easy targets because they have huge auras, their spiritual centers are open, they win and lose via their emotions, they are completely open to attack if they do not learn any techniques to smooth out their energy, cultivate it and seal themselves.

Do This To Protect Your Psychic Energy

Start an energy practice, both physical and spiritual. Learn how to sense every part of your body with your mind. You are building awareness and power. Learn how to move energy within your body, make certain chakras, dantiens, organs or just any part fill up with energy. Also, learn how to condense your energy, how to not let it slowly leak from you. Learn mindfulness meditation, learn how to watch, learn how you respond in all different situations in life. Pay attention to how you respond when others make you happy, sad, mad, depressed and anxious. Observe what your energy does. Sure up your body and energy centers when this happens. With enough development, you will be able to easily spot psychic attacks from near and afar.

Do this work and you will not only have the ability to block psychic attacks, you will become a stronger and more joyous person.