How Does Astrology Work?  


The only constant is Change!  

These two principles underlie 

the Art & Science of Astrology. 

Astrology is the study of the meaning of the movement of the planets against the backdrop of the night sky.

Your Unique Journey

- both the meaning and the changes - 

is imprinted in your Astrological Birth Chart.

How Can Astrology Help You?


  Your astrological birth chart can give you the insights and wisdom you need for life.

An astrology reading gives you a blueprint of how you will use the energies that make us human.  Your Sun shows your life purpose.  Your Moon shows how you are nurtured.  Your Mercury shows how you think, your Venus how you Love and your Mars how you use your Will to achieve your goals.

The larger planets explain how you understand your role in the collective and how you are affected by generational issues. 

What are your life's challenges?

What stage of life are you in?

  • Your Career 
  • Your Love & Relationships
  • Your Children
  • Your Creativity
  • Your Contribution to Society
  • Your Next Step
  • Your Soul's Purpose

Challenges are opportunities for Growth!

Your Astrology Charts offer you 

answers to your questions. 

    The Natal Chart is a picture of the solar system at the moment of your birth. Hence, it is the imprint of the energies that make you who you are. Your BIRTH CHART  holds the keys to making wise choices about your life.  It shows how you function best in the world - giving you valuable clues as to your personality and your life's purpose. Your chart shows what your gifts & talents are and how to use them best; where your blind spots & shadow lies; and most importantly, it lets you in on the timing of the major changes in your life, so you can consciously make choices rather than be swept away by events.  

    I also work with Transits, which describe where the planets are in the sky today and how they are affecting your life energies.

    Your Progressed chart delineates the inner process of how you grow. It charts the blessings, struggles and evolution that root you in your life.  It also shows you what area of life you are currently emotionally invested in.

     Your Solar Return chart shows you      the major emphasis & energy for the coming year.

     Composite and Synastry charts show how you and your mate relate, how you act together and why.  This is so helpful to couples because it does away with unrealistic expectations and takes you to the heart of who each of you are as well as what kind of relationship you have created.  

Now where do you want to go from here? 

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Also available is a year long report on your personal transits.  This day-by-day report helps you understand the energies at play during each day.