Stories of the Earth E-book

Stories of the Earth:

This e-book is a collection of stories that celebrate the meaning of the 8 holidays contained in the Wheel of the Year.

The holidays begin at Winter Solstice (December 20-22), when the new light is born.  Next comes Imbolc or Candlemas (February 1-2), when we begin to imagine what the new year will bring us.  Then we have Spring Equinox (March 20-22) when the Light and Dark are equal and life returns to Earth.  On May 1, Beltane brings in the Summer season of love and lust and life.  On June 20-22, Summer Solstice marks the longest day and the beginning of the return of darkness.  Lammas is the celebration of first fruits, celebrated on August 1.  Then comes the harvest time of Autumn Equinox on September 20-22, when once again, light and dark are balanced.  On October 31, Samhain or Halloween is the celebration of the death of the year and the beginning of winter.