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Stories of the Earth:

  8 Seasonal Tales for the Wheel of the Year


        No matter how old we are, a good story enchants us.  And when that story teaches us a bit of wisdom about the Earth’s natural laws, as well as the laws of our own inner rhythms and cycles, how can we resist?

Stories of the Earth: 8 Tales of the Wheel of the Year            tells the story of each of the 8 spokes of the Wheel of the Year.

Stories of the Earth is a book of tales depicting the essence of the Wheel of the Year, the annual cycle of the Earth's seasons. It consists of eight festivals, spaced at approximately 6-week intervals throughout the year.  These festivals are markers of seasonal change as well as psychological growth.

       We begin the Wheel of the Year at the Winter Solstice in late December.  The first story is a Winter Solstice tale, about a land living in darkness until a brave and bold mother sets out to bring back the Baby of Light

The second story takes place six weeks later on February 2, the festival we know as Candlemas, our very own Groundhog’s Day.  This tale is about the gate of vision.  The Old Crone leads the way to access our new vision for a new year.

The next story comes in late March at the beginning of Aries, and tells a Spring Equinox tale of a long sorrow and the unexpected joy of an awakening inner vision.

Beltane comes in the beginning of May, opening the way for the powerful Earth spirits to come through the veils, awakening Mother Nature as well as our instinctual nature. 

There are four remaining tales Summer Solstice (June 21); Lammas (August 1); Autumn Equinox (September 21) and Samhain/All Hallows Eve (October 31)

        I hope you use these stories as part of your rituals, as well as using them to meditate on the symbolic meaning of the season.


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Take a peek below at an illustration and introduction to a story.

Here's what people are saying about Stories of the Earth:

"I led a men's group during Lammas and read them the Lammas story.  The men were wowed by it.  And I was surprised and pleased that they liked it so much."

Elana Gibeault, Illustrator & Ritualist

"We went to hear Christmas stories at our church and when Cathy told her Winter Solstice story we loved it.  It felt ancient and powerful.  We were blown away when we found out she had written it."          Sam & Jane Wentworth

A sneak preview:  Spring Equinox:  Life Returning

Illustrations by Elana Gibeault


Once upon a time, when there was still a bit of mystery and magic left in the world, a woman mourned.  She was lost in a great darkness of spirit, inconsolable in her grief.  Something horrible had happened to her, something that had ripped away her desire for life.  In great despair, she wandered the earth, sorrowing so deeply and so long that eventually she lost sight of that thing which had wounded her.   With time, it had been buried away so deeply within that she no longer remembered what was causing so much pain.