Awesome Interpretation in Your Newsletters

What a treasure you are, Cathy, with such a clear and lucid understanding of and guidance toward our common human destiny. It is as if you are giving us our working instructions each month for transforming the planet. We have but to meditate on the cosmic energies you point out to us, and choose the upper path in each circumstance.

  Mac McKinney,


 I've been coming to your website to read about the lunations and all you have to offer and I just wanted to say thank you. Your words pierce the outer shell of my mind and invigorate my heart, my spirit and sensibilities with wisdom and love. Your renditions and understandings of the times we're in give me strength and energy to continue to move forward in these difficult and breathtakingly potent times. Thank you!

Bless you,

 I've been very spiritually minded since I was about six years old.   Not being a dilettante, I poured myself into Buddhism, Zen, Scientology, Christianity, Tao, Shinto, Judaism, Native American, Mayan, and other paths of righteousness.  I never had pursued astrology, as how can a bunch of rocks floating in space really say anything about me?  When my daughter told me of her Father's Day present, I was amused, but interested.

I must say that your reading has begun to open my mind.  A number of issues that I had analyzed to death have become clear, as has a newer guideline for my next transition period.  I was surprised as to how personal and intimate the reading was, and I'm appreciating a new, more holistic view of this thing we call life.  

 Russ Reuger


Many women sense emotionally wise things they can not put into words. You Cathy have a rare talent for putting all that wisdom  into words that enable the transmission of deep truth in a very broad way. Thank you very much

  Theresa Paulfranz


  My husband and I have had quite a few readings, and we both agree that Cathy Pagano is the best and the most accurate.  We were so excited about her readings that we had her do readings on our children.  It was nice for them to see the paths they are on, and to understand who they are.  I highly recommend Cathy's readings to everyone young and old. 


                                      Mia G

Massage Therapist

Community Affairs



 I have been going to readers and Psychics all my adult life and you are the best!   I am a reader myself and  I cannot predict my future.  There has been a big push for people to go to fortune tellers.   I have known you for over two years now and every time we have done a reading it is on target.  .  You are the best at what you do so I am going to setup appointments monthly so we can keep me on track for the year!  I love the fact you don't waste my time with frills and untruths. You cut right to the punch and remain very supportive.  Thank you for being so kind and giving of yourself.  You are a Master and I respect your training.  

Arlene Bates


I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful and very wise work, and it's so helpful to the world right now. You work in a spirit of positivity and, as you say, uphold archetypes to bring the best out of people. Thank you!!! Wonderful.

Drina Smith


When my friends ask me how I know where the stars and the planets are, and what it means…I always give them Cathy’s website!  Cathy has worked with me with astrology readings, coaching and dream-work.  I have recommended her to all of my friends and associates. 

Angela Agostini

Businesswoman, Philadelphia PA



I love Cathy’s insights into fairy tales, mythology, dreams, astrological energies and archetypes. She makes sense of how our lives are impacted by these complex yet very beautiful elements by making them accessible and keeping them profound. Her wisdom can only enhance anyone lucky enough to have crossed her path. 

Alix Toland, Artist & Inventor

    I was a therapy client of Cathy’s a couple of years while I worked through some complicated and life-changing career and relationship issues.  Working with my dreams and talking things through with her, I was able to get in touch with my innermost feelings and make good choices.  I feel that our work together was the starting point for a new direction in my life that has ultimately made me very happy. 

      Cathy is tremendously insightful, intelligent, and creative.  I was always amazed at how easily she was able to cut right through the clutter and the jargon of my career issues and get right to the heart of the matter.  She is not one of those therapists who doesn’t speak up.  Even when I would come with a convoluted mess of intertwined issues, a few incisive questions from Cathy and I would immediately be able to see what really mattered.  Working with her was tremendously efficient in that way.   

      The thing I like most about Cathy is her creative thinking.  She could get me to see things in new ways, often using archetypal stories, fairytales, and other fables to make her point.  She is a very sharp woman with an amazing talent for drawing out her clients’ own wisdom.  I recommend her unconditionally. 

      Joyce Kilmartin

Businesswoman, Therapist


Cathy Pagano offers a panoply of wisdom gleaned from a life dedicated to following her own dreams, insights, and passion.  When I work with Cathy, she is able to integrate multiple pieces of information from my dreams and personal history, along with present day global shifts and archetypal patterns to offer back guidance which leads me forward.  She sheds light into darkness.  Interactions with Cathy have always left me more open-hearted yet personally focused on where to take the next step of my journey....Cathy is a diamond.

Janet Wichmann


Cathy Pagano is the facilitator of the Dream Group that I have participated in for two years.  Her depth of knowledge in dream interpretation is expansive—I continually learn from her in every session.  Ms. Pagano references Carl Jung's dream interpretation and mythological archetypes, among other resources, to bring meaning to our dream images.  She also empowers us to “dig deep” in interpreting our own dreams and to see patterns of growth in our evolving dreams.  The dream class has helped me to bring greater meaning to my personal life, to be true to my own soul, and to see more humanity in the world that surrounds me.  

Betty Gallifent

Retired Educator


Cathy Pagano is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher.  Cathy is committed to sharing her knowledge creatively to participants.  As a retired public school teacher, I appreciated this approach.  She  allows participants to be actively engaged in their own learning.  The highest complement that I can pay Cathy is that one leaves her session ready to continue the learning process.  Hers is not a one shot session; rather, Cathy understands that attendees are active participants in their own life journeys. 

Aldema Ridge