Scorpio Full Moon

Full Moon represents a time of greater self-reflection and acceptance. The period when the full moon in Scorpio gives us greater clarity, releases from everything that is unnecessary and gives the possibility of greater adaptation.

Scorpio is a sign of thought, action, skill, ambition, and resourcefulness. In addition to Mars, who is a war and sexual instinct, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of karma and wealth. In astrology, Scorpio rules the 8th house. It is an area that relates to transformation, regeneration, occultism, sexuality, transformation, spirituality and learning.

What does it mean?

The Full Moon in Scorpio marks the energy that allows us to explore the hidden side of our personality, that is, all that we need to change and which subconsciously stops us. The full moon in Scorpio is a phase that shows us sincerity, deeper turning ourselves to what is really important. So, that’s the time to see things as they really are.

scorpio-full-moonThis is a period when we are releasing things from the past, situations, and patterns of behavior that no longer answer us. The current period of this Moon Phase is the process of self-realization, the ability to better understand the truth and many hidden reasons. The full moon energy shows the time of spiritual growth, new possibilities and the treatment of deep emotional wounds that prevent us from moving forward.

The full moon in Scorpio is essentially quite subtle, and yet, on the other hand, a turning point in the emotional area is visible. Then events and circumstances need to be carefully considered, be more open to opportunities and all that will be beneficial to the spiritual plane.

What to pay attention to

All decisions that are made during the full Moon in Scorpio are our subconscious desires and decisions about our feelings in the phases of the Moon. The strength of the full Moon now emphasizes the Sun and is slowly battered by Saturn as individuals can feel like in the clouds.

As Scorpio is a lower abdomen, problems with genital organs, blind hormones, hormonal disorders, a fall in immunity, a possibility of injury, frigidity or overemphasized sexuality can occur. It’s possible jealous scenes, envy, possessiveness, and obsession. Basically, this full moon is like a whirling river of emotions that runs irretrievably and carries everything in front of you in the abyss to appear and fly as a phoenix, purified and powerful for a new beginning.