Sagittarius Full Moon 2007


                                Sagittarius Full Moon 2007

 This month we celebrate the gifts of thought, language and communication, as well as the wisdom to give meaning to our experience. The ability to take the broad view, to listen to other’s viewpoints, and to be curious is offset by the darker side of these gifts - dogma, bigotry and too much information. Mercury-ruled Gemini brings us the Prima Materia of consciousness, and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius brings the alchemical fire that transforms it into the Philosopher’s Stone of Consciousness and Spirit. This full moon is giving us the opportunity to make our thoughts count! 

Gemini is about facts and experience. Sagittarius is all about the Intelligence of Nature and Universal Patterns or Archetypes. Sagittarian understanding gives meaning to Gemini’s experience.

Sagittarius asks us to take the long view while Gemini is immersed in the present. The Full Moon asks us to bring these two opposite, and yet complementary, energies together. (And although the Farmer’s Almanac christened this 2nd full moon in a calendar month a Blue Moon, a real Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons in an astrological sign. The next real Blue Moon occurs at 0 Scorpio and 29 Scorpio in May 2008, switching over the lunar cycle so that the new moon in a sign once again comes before the full moon of the sign.)

And as a fore-note to future musings, in the coming years – 2009-2014 – we will all be affected by intense cosmic configurations. The planets involved are the same ones that were operative during the ‘60’s, but this time in the first square (or challenging aspect) of the cycle of new energies that were born in those glorious, turbulent and much lamented (by both sides) times.

We are already feeling these energies at work in the culture: from Al Gore’s work to bring the reality of global warming to our collective consciousness, the breakdown of government and religion, the global take-over by corporations, the disengagement of men and women from lasting relationships, to the unending “War on Terror”. (As if Hollywood isn’t producing enough horror movies to give everyone in the world night terrors 100 X’s over!)

We are about to embark on 5 years of tremendous cultural change – even if we only consider that the foundation of our way of living – OIL – will soon be running out. So this month’s full moon urges us to take the long view when deciding what it is we really want. We can’t delude ourselves into thinking that the world will be the same in 5 years. We can, however, be on the cutting edge of change. More on this in future newsletters.

So, with this in the back of your minds, read on!

After the Eclipses of last Fall and this Winter, and the opposition between Saturn and Neptune which will occur for the 3rd and final time on June 25th, we should all be aware that something new is being born. And that we have a choice about what we are birthing in our own lives, as well as in the collective consciousness.

June 24th is Mid-Summer’s Night, a time of magic and birth. On that night, there will be a Star of David formed by 8 of the 10 planets.  A Fire Trine and a Water/Air Trine – both gifts if we will use them – form this six-pointed star. These energies can open us to creative solutions, as well as bring peace and harmony to our lives. But it’s up to each of us to make the choice of consciousness.   

  In Gemini, we come to the last phase of Springtime energy. In Aries, we experienced the up-rush of new energy, which in Taurus was grounded and given a form. Now in Gemini, we need to seek out experiences and relationships in which we try on the new life we imagined. We shape our experiences through language. So go out and talk about what you are doing and imagining. Think about it, bounce it off others, see how it changes and where it leads. 

This Sagittarius Full Moon is conjunct (joined to) Jupiter and both are opposite the Gemini Sun. Full Moons stretch us, asking us to bring together both energies. This full moon, we are asked to question assumptions and discover the truth about our new endeavors. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, just went into Cancer – where it will turn retrograde on June 16th – so we are now more tuned into our hearts, rather than our heads. ‘Think with your heart, not your head’ is a good mantra for this time.

This full moon squares the lunar nodes in Virgo-Pisces, forming a mutable grand cross – challenging us to integrate and ‘distribute’ what we’ve imagined and learned. The lunar nodes show us our collective destiny. The North Node in Pisces calls upon us to be more compassionate with each other, seeing the divinity within all. The South Node is where we’ve come from and what we have to release, and in Virgo it asks that we release control as well as unrealistic ideas of perfectionism or humility that stand in the way of radical trust in Spirit.

Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius – which has the power to give form to faith – positively aspects this grand cross, spinning it into action. So we are challenged to use each sign well: Gemini – to learn and communicate; Virgo – to analyze and improve; Sagittarius – to understand and to teach; Pisces – to intuit wholeness and to have faith.

The Sabian symbols for 11 Gemini and Sagittarius are: Sun at 11 Gemini: “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience: The power and joy of new beginnings. “ We are urged to rise to the occasion.

Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 11 Sagittarius: “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.” We are urged to listen to the body - to listen to its wisdom. Go with your gut reaction.

We are being given the opportunity to integrate body-mind-spirit on a new level with this Full Moon in Sagittarius. Find out where 11 degrees of these two signs falls in your chart to see what aspect of your life will manifest this change.We are entering a time of tremendous cultural change and transformation. Each of us has the ability to choose how we meet these times and how we use our talents and vision. If there is any real “Secret” it is that we can use our positive thoughts to help and support each other. Each of us can help change our world for the better. With so many people working on ‘the laws of attraction’, I just want to remind you that it is important to ask for fullness of life as well as material gain. This is the month to set your thoughts in order, so by the end of the year, you do manifest something new in your life.

Blessed Be.

Cathy Pagano