Pisces Full Moon 2009

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Pisces Full Moon, September 4, 2009


Out of control forest fires.  Out of control weather.  Out of control debt.  Out of control job losses.  Out of control fiscal irresponsibility.  Out of control lies and hypocrisy.  Out of control delusions about national health care options.  And the rumor is that the ever-smirky Cheney is going to run for president in 2012.


The June and July series of three eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn and Leo/ Aquarius has certainly stirred up a mess.  But let’s be truthful, we’re just reaping what we’ve sown for at least the past 60 years. Ike warned us to watch out for the military-industrial complex and we citizens stayed asleep and let them take over.  But it isn’t too late to change things.


The September 4th Full Moon in Pisces highlights an ongoing cosmic pattern that might account for the tensions, and as we all know, full moons bring out our emotions.  So watch your emotions and name your feelings about what’s going on in your life and in our society. A named emotion turns into a feeling which determines our values.  We need to live our values if we want to feel fulfilled in life.


The stage is set for the 3rd of five show-downs between Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo on September 15th.      3 is the number of creative process, forward movement, synthesis - the energy that has us discovering a new pattern, a new set of behaviors, new knowledge.   Let’s see what we do with these energies in the next few months.


Uranus and Saturn oppose (are opposite) each other every 40 years or so.  These energies form a stand-off between the Old vs. the New.  Uranus is the Awakener, the Rebel, the Individual who wants to make the world a better place, as well as symbolizing eccentric, rebellious and erratic energies.   Saturn symbolizes the restraints of our world, the crystallized beliefs and rules of our society, as well as the fear and restraints those rules and beliefs impose on our spirits.  But Saturn can also be discipline, structure, and responsibility.    The last time these planets opposed each other was in the mid-60s, when Uranus (revolution), along with Pluto (evolution), was in Virgo and Saturn (the status quo) was in Pisces. 


Now these planets have switched signs so they can re-energize the revolutionary energies of the 60s.  In the 60s, Saturn in Pisces revealed the dead and deadening aspects of the patriarchy, while Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opened us to rebel against them.  When these three planets line up, there is usually political, social, sexual, economic and artist revolution.  GUESS WHAT?  THEY’RE BACK! 


Now we’re really gaining speed as we race toward the big T-square of these three planets next year.  The planets’ relationship to each other (3 planets squaring each other) is similar to the energy of the first quarter moon – a time when we have to overcome obstacles to make sure the ideals of the beginning of the cycle (the 60s) can manifest fully in another 40 years at the full moon part of the cycle. 


Pisces is the sign of surrender to the Divine, of intuition and mysticism, of the collective unconscious.  Now with Uranus in Pisces on the degrees that Saturn went over in the 60s, we are given the chance to open ourselves to the Divine energy that wants to be re-born here on Earth to replace a dead god and a dead ideology which has created world-wide destruction.  Uranus wants to wake us up to our eternal truths, to our unique Self and to our spark of Divinity. 


When Uranus, the night sky that shows us the Universe we are part of, first encountered the vast Piscean oceans of the Earth, Aphrodite was born of his phallus, the Cosmic potency of Life.  The Force that is the basis of all life in the Universe created with our beautiful planet the possibility of Love and Connection, of Beauty and Truth, of Sexuality and Spirituality.  For Aphrodite is all that and more.  Like Christ and the Holy Spirit, which is the symbol of Aphrodite’s sacred bird, the Dove, our purpose here on Earth is to learn how to Love and how to create Peace.  This is the new Piscean/Aquarian vision Uranus is offering us.


At the same time, Saturn is now in Virgo, the sign of service to humanity, of health and practical mental analysis.  Virgo wants to embody what Spirit creates.  Virgo is one of the oldest constellations, and is named the Virgin, the Goddess of the harvest.  She is the ancient earth goddess Rhea, Demeter/Ceres, Isis, Istar, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth, Astarte, the Virgin Mary, and Greek Astraea, the goddess of Justice, whose scales form the constellation of Libra.  In all cultures, She carries ears of wheat or grapes on the vine to symbolize the good things in life that we harvest. 


Virgo wants us to harvest our talents and our energies in service to others and to the Divine.  Saturn in Virgo wants us to get healthy, get disciplined, and to be of service to others.  Saturn in the same degrees of Virgo as Uranus and Pluto were in the 60s can give us the discipline and purpose to carry on the revolutionary/evolutionary changes that our society needs to make if we are to create peaceful change rather than death and destruction.


We can see everywhere in the news, though, Saturn’s other side, the regressive side that doesn’t like change, that would rather ‘eat’ his own children than allow one of them to take over his power.  The saddest part of this is that the many Americans who are succumbing to Saturn’s crystallizing fear of change are all being manipulated by the power elite who DON’T want to give up their power.  These corporations and their media outlets whip up unconscious people into a frenzy with political slogans so people end up acting against their own interests.  They stand up for the very corporate interests which are hurting them.  And so we see people fall for the line that universal health insurance will ruin their lives and our country. 

 Saturn in Virgo wants health care reform, and if the country doesn’t do it, then we each have to be responsible for our own health issues, which means dropping health insurance and saving our money to use alternative health modalities.  If everyone decided to only get catastrophic health insurance, stopped taking drugs and instead found herbal or homeopathic remedies as well as learning healthy nutrition, we could bring down the whole medical/pharmaceutical/insurance scam.


The ruler of Virgo is Mercury, which is slowing down to turn retrograde on September 6-7, so watch out over the holiday weekend.  It’s never a good time to travel when Mercury stations (slows down and seemingly stop so it can go backwards) – things seem to just stop. 


With Mercury going retrograde in the beginning degrees of Libra, it forms a cardinal grand cross with Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn and Juno in Aries.  This configuration suggests that we have to re-examine how we THINK and ANALYZE and COMMUNICATE with others.  It gives us the energy to integrate new knowledge if we have patience and persistence.  We’re trying to learn to think and then communicate a whole new paradigm, which takes into consideration our intuition and our instincts.  


 Juno in Aries demands that we find new ways to relate with others that allows each person their freedom.  Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the big flaws in our business, financial and government structures.  Mars in Cancer demands that we get our share of nurturing, because our security is most important.  But until we realize that our only real security comes from within us, there will be people who are afraid to make the changes we need to make (Pluto in Capricorn).  So freely take your courage in hand, find your center, and speak your truth as often as necessary.  It’s time to show the world who you really are!


Things will be getting more intense this month as Pluto goes direct on September 11th.  Pluto, the energy of death, rebirth and evolution, went retrograde on April 4th.  What have you discovered in these past 5 months about yourself that needs to be eliminated or revised?  And in letting go of something, what have you left room for?  Now all those ideas and desires can begin to be implemented. 


This will be the first September 11th that doesn’t feature Bush and Company.  Will Obama try to change the Bush version of that story?  While many people have gathered evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, we don’t have to use that example to give voice to a different story about 9/11.  Let’s be inventive and think of other ways to describe that moment.


We could begin to discover a new story by asking questions, like the Sphinx who was associated with the Virgo woman's head on the Leo body of the Sphinx.  Why do we have to pursue an ‘eye for an eye’ philosophy about that moment in our history?  Why can’t we see that these kinds of things have been happening all over the world without other countries going to war and invading other countries?  Are we Americans adolescent boys that we have to fight someone at every sign of trouble?  Why can’t we see that it would have been more patriotic to fix what was wrong with our system before charging off to change someone else’s?  When are we going to stop thinking that violence, fear and hatred are better ways of handling situations than understanding, self-awareness and diplomacy?


The Aquarian healing and visionary conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron continues to nudge us down the path of change, even when the old forces gather to stop it.  Inspiration always trumps fear.  So be inspired, and if you’re an artist, let your inspiration flow out into the world.  People need it now.


The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 13* Virgo is: A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria.  (A hopeful sign for Obama, perhaps?)  This symbol speaks about charisma as a mysterious ‘power’ that comes from a person’s openness to the power of planetary evolution.  You don’t have to be a political leader to have this charisma; you just have to open to evolution and stand firm in your belief that this is the way life evolves.


The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 13* Pisces is: An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum.  This is a symbol of will power, which can be the ultimate spiritual weapon, the ability to face and transform the challenges of life, both inner and outer. Like Arthur’s sword Excalibur, this sword needs to stand for Truth and Justice and only used for battles as a last resort.  If used well, the will can focus the energy of Spirit or wholeness working through our minds and hearts.


Our charisma can make us leaders, especially if we use the ancient sword of discernment to cut through delusions and illusions and search out the Truth.


Oh, I forgot to mention, September 4th is also the 29th birthday of my youngest son, and supposedly the birthday of Merlin, the great Celtic teacher and magician.


Have a safe and blessed (American) holiday weekend.


Cathy Pagano, MA