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Holiday Gift Certificates

Humanity has lived with the rhythm of light and dark from the beginnings of life here on Earth.  We alternate each day between light and dark as well as during the longer cycle of the Wheel of the Year.  In the darkness of Winter, we long for the light of Spring and Summer.  We also long for the inner light of the Soul, for insight into ourselves and the world.  As we celebrate the return of the Light at Winter Solstice and Christmas, it is a wonderful time to look for the Light within us.

Astrology, Tarot and Dream Work are all tools that can open us up to our inner light.  What better gift can you give to those you love than the gift of insight? 

Most of you have had readings or done counseling with me, so you know what gifts I have to offer.  Why not share these gifts with those you love?  A good reading can be a mirror for the Soul.

My 1st holiday special is a discounted 1/2 hour session of dreamwork, tarot or astrology check-in (for those I've already done a chart for) for $35.00. ($55.00 value) 

My 2nd holiday special is a discounted 1 hour first time astrology session for $105.00. ($160 value)

My 3rd holiday special (because the Goddess always works in 3's) is a discount on my book, Wisdom's Daughters: How Women Can Change the World. Buy one book at full price ($21) and you get a second book for $15.00.  Total Cost (plus S&H): $46.00

If you'd like a gift certificate, email me.  If you'd like a personal session, email me with times you have available and you're present time zone.