Leo/Aquarius Full Moon 2010: 

Let's Play in the Aquarian Mindfield

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Leo–Aquarius Full Moon

January 29-30, 2010:

Let’s Play with the Aquarian Mindfield


Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way of a well, then lifted out into light.   Rumi


You have a king inside who listens for what delights the soul.  Rumi



The full Moon in Leo, with the Sun in Aquarius, will occur on Friday, January 29th (6:10 pm PST) and Saturday, January 30th (1:18am EST). 


With our two luminaries in the signs of creative expression (Leo) and group consciousness (Aquarius), I thought it might be fun for all of us to play, another Leo trait, in the Aquarian mindfield - together.


How we’re going to play is with the imagination; where we’ll play is in a dimension of the imaginal world, the collective unconscious. 


This is the beginning of an Aquarian experiment I would like you all to participate in.  If you like what you read, please consider passing this along to like-minded friends and groups, so we can have as many people participating in this experiment as possible.


The first part of the experiment occurs at this full Moon.  The second part begins at the Aquarian new Moon in two weeks.


The Cosmic Story gives us very specific information about what kind of energy is available during these celestial events.  If we understand how to read them, we can use the energies to create change, not just in our personal lives, but in our collective life as well.


So this full Moon in Leo is a response to January 15th’s Solar Eclipse new Moon in Capricorn.  What new ideas about your purpose and our collective life came to you?  How do you see our civilization evolving?  How do you help it happen?


Now before we can plant these new ideas in the collective consciousness, we have to find out what our part is in these new ideas.  What is your specific purpose?  What do you know that no one else can do in just your situation, in just your way?


The Moon symbolizes the psychosomatic foundation of the personality, our body and soul which senses, feels, and intuits.  It contains our unconscious complexes, as well as our connection to the Imagination.  The Moon shows us how we like to be nurtured, and how we naturally act and react in situations.   The Moon in Leo opens us to our fiery creativity, our sense of personal power and our capacity to play.


Leo is the sign most concerned with what C.G. Jung called the ‘individuation process’.  What he meant was that there is an inner instinct within each of us to find our uniqueness and our destiny.  This is a spiritual archetype because the Self energizes the search to remember that we are also Spirit.  Each of us is called to be a hero/ine in our own lives by trying to find out who that unique Self is.  And then to express it! 


Leo’s task is to establish a connection to the Self and let it express Itself through our human personality.  Leo refuses to forget that she is the Queen/he is the King and acts accordingly.  Leo delights in shining light, sharing love and living truth.  Leo also descends to pride and pretense, domination and control.  It’s our choice which Leo gifts we exhibit.    


The Aquarius Sun calls us to pay attention to the group mind.  What’s going on in our collective consciousness right now?  We are sharing in the dark despair of the Haitians as they struggle under horrendous conditions to survive.  We are opening our hearts and pocketbooks, even those with few resources.  Once again we find ourselves in a global moment when our collective heart is opened.  Our minds and hearts are one.


Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is in Pisces, the sign of the collective heart, the collective unconscious.  We are waking up to the spiritual truths of our humanity.  Venus is also conjunct the Sun, adding the power of connection to this full Moon and to the new Moon in two weeks. 


We are ripe to dream a new dream.   What new thoughts want to take root in our collective beliefs?  What have we learned since 9/11 about world unity?  Does the world want to come together in peace and understanding?  Can we finally find a common ground, where each of us stands as an individual in service to the common good?


On the other hand, the United States Supreme Court gave ‘personhood’ status to corporations by voting that corporations should have the same rights under the law as people, so they can contribute as much money as they want to political campaigns.  That’s the other side of the coin, the disconnect between head and heart that also occurs with Aquarius.  How can a man-made structure (a corporation or a labor union) be given the same rights as human beings?  It makes no sense.  


So this full Moon, let’s practice using our imaginations, exercising this muscle, so that on the New Moon in Aquarius on February 13th, which occurs on the ‘people’s’ Moon, we can act together to visualize what the People’s Vision of the World looks like.   


This full Moon energizes the playful aspect of the Imagination.  The full Moon will occur at 11* Leo just an hour after meeting up with Mars retrograde at 10*Leo.  Mars has been retrograde in Leo since December 20th, when it went retrograde at 20*Leo: American Indians perform a ritual to the Sun. 


All rituals invoke the Spirit to which they are dedicated.  The Sun is the center of our solar system, our personal Star.  The Sun symbolizes our vital energy and conscious sense of self, so we associate it with the conscious ego and our sense of individual self-directedness and self-expression. It is the part of us that wants to shine, to create, to achieve, and to manifest itself.


So, Mars is moving backward to reclaim of sense of that self-directedness and self-expression.  At 10*Leo it says: Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field.

With the Leo Moon channeling our Martian desire to find the Center, we are given an opportunity to dive deeply into our own unconscious and bring back into the light the image of who we really are.  The dew is a gift of the cold, dark night, the essence of our true feelings, now illuminated by Self-consciousness.   Dane Rudhyar’s explanation of this symbol hits the mark for what is happening today.


. . .we see the potential culmination of the process which began on a note of social and cultural crisis.  The would-be reformer has to meet many emotional problems as (s)he begins her/his work of creation.  Creation means transformation; the reformer is actually a transformer if (s)he is truly a creative and inspired individual open to the spirit that “makes everything new.”  The building of a new society, and of one’s renewed personality as well, is just as much a process of artistic creation as the making of a delicate glass vase or a symphony.  The Keyword is Transfiguration.  (Dane Rudhyar: An Astrological Mandala.)


So this full Moon, aim your desire for your authentic Self into the inner Sun and reclaim your mythic identity.  Are you King or Queen, Warrior or Philosopher, Wise Woman or Priest, Healer or Bard, Law-Giver or Scientist, Inventor or Artist?  Find your name, find your purpose.  This will prepare you for our grand experiment on the Aquarian new Moon.


Venus is conjunct the Sun at this full Moon at 15* Aquarius, the power gate of Aquarius.  This is considered an important degree, a turning point in our ability to bring everything together.  Venus rules not only love, beauty and relating, but is also the Connector.  So we can use her energy to connect on the mental-emotional level (Venus in Aquarius).  The Sabian symbol for 15*Aquarius is: Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily.  This symbolizes “the blessings bestowed upon personal achievements by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul.”   We achieve inner happiness and contentment when we know that we have contributed to the welfare of our community or to humanity. 


The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 11* Aquarius is: During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.  The symbol speaks for itself.  When we quiet the mind of our personal concerns, and listen in the inner silence, we can access the higher realms of the mind and let our inspiration (to ‘breathe in’ spirit) guide us when we begin something new.  The ‘happiness’ that Venus provides ensures that we receive what’s best in us.


The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 11* Leo is:  Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree.  Like the great Tree of life, the oak tree offers us protection and security, fertility and magic.  Children playing (very Leonine), swinging higher and higher, dare to imagine adventures, secure in the strength and protection of the branch they swing from.  Mars retrograde in Leo takes us higher and deeper than ever.


This full Moon, dive deeply into the fiery creative spirit within you, open to the silent mystery there and listen for what inspires you in life.  You’ll get the message if you trust in yourself and your purpose.


Full Moon Practice:


Another way to practice for our grand experiment is to exercise your ‘psychic’ muscle and listen for any ‘mental telepathy’.  Since Aquarius is the sign of our collective mindfield, we do have the ability to speak to each other, mind to mind.  Mental telepathy is a human talent that will be fully developed in the Aquarian Age.  You are tapped into it every time you think of someone, and then get a call from them.  Spend time watching for this in your life, and perhaps find a partner to practice with. 


Aquarius is all about connecting on a mental level, as well as sharing our ideals and beliefs.  We can create an ‘inner’ internet where all of us can connect, through the images of the imagination.  It’s time we used this gift in the right way (our governments have been using these talents for war, not peace).


So turn off the TV this month, spend time in silence and discover your inner truth, your mythic personality.  And practice connecting with your mind to others and see how well you do.  In a few weeks, we’ll be creating something together in the Aquarian Mindfield.


2nd Saturn/Pluto Square:


Two days after this full Moon, Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn for the second of three times. The first square was on November 15, 2009 and the third will happen on August 21, 2010.  This waning square opens us to a ‘crisis in consciousness’ where we have to shift our perspective – from individualism to group consciousness, from big to small, from outer to inner. We are all in this together.  We have to let go of old separating patriarchal structures and strictures we’ve depended on and develop new beliefs and structures that take our mutual benefit into account.


But of course, the Old/corporations/government (Saturn) doesn’t really want to change (Pluto) so we see the Old fighting back – the Supreme Court of the United States of America has bestowed ‘personhood’ rights on corporations, which they’ve been trying to get legitimized for over 150 years.  We can either acquiesce to the inevitable privatization of our government or we can fight it now. That’s the collective challenge we face from this Pluto/Saturn square.  These energies brought about the 60s revolutions.  Now they and we are up against the fight of our lives – to make sure that change happens!  Our personal challenges will force us to face those things in our lives – both inner and outer - that aren’t working in alignment with our values.


The force of change (Pluto in Capricorn) at 5* Capricorn is: Indians on the warpath.  While some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance.  This image calls for the mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest.  There’s a lot of energy.  There’s a lot of aggression in this image.   What are we going to do with this energy?   We can also look at this image and see corporations gathering more power, or relate it to the image of the gathering of the Na’vi in Avatar to fight the ‘sky people’.  Going to war to defend our homes is a natural impulse in all humans.  Going to war for conquest and economic reasons is no longer a moral option, if we are going to evolve and grow. 


The challenge to our perspective comes from Saturn at 5*Libra: A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘new world’ could be built.  We have to find ways to transmute the aggressive, selfish aspects of personality and culture through this inner knowledge that a new world is possible.


The Aquarian Experiment


Two weeks after this week’s Leo/Aquarius full Moon, there will be a new Moon in Aquarius.  This new Moon falls on America’s 4th of July chart Moon, which represents the people of America.   Every country has a birth chart, but America has a few of them.  The chart of the Declaration of Independence is the chart I’m using, because I believe it represents our ideals and the pitfalls that those ideals face.


Since new Moons are planting times, we can use this new Moon energy, coupled with the imprint of the hopes for freedom and justice that America represents, to plant a new vision of freedom and justice and love.  But this time a shared world vision of the future that we the people want.


So the Aquarian experiment on the New Moon on February 13th begins by imagining that ‘new world’.  (Saturn rules Aquarius as well as Uranus, so we need new laws)  Mystics and magicians know that building a vision in the imaginal world can bring that image into reality.  So think about what you’d like a new world to look like, and use your childlike, playful, imaginative Leo to engage in the process.


 Practice engaging the Creative Imagination. 




On this 2010 Aquarius new Moon, if you want to participate in the Aquarian Experiment, please join together to plant the seeds of everyone’s vision of the future in our Imaginal World Garden.  Think of it as a collective virtual reality Garden - which will have laws governing its use.  You’ll find all the information about how to participate in the Aquarius New Moon newsletter.   


If you are a priestess and know how to cast a circle and want to join us before the new Moon to bless the Garden, please write me for instructions.  You don’t have to live here to do it.  Let me know what your affinity with the elements is so I can give you assignments.


By combining our efforts, sharing energies and spending time going to the Garden in meditation every day thereafter, we can grow a World Garden that shelters our people’s vision of the future.  Sharing our energies and hopes on common ground, we can feed each other’s visions on the inner planes, making it stronger than if we each imagined it separately.  United, we can build a strong inner vision.  Who knows what can happen then?  And building the Garden does not relieve you from your duty to press forward in this world for change!


So practice your telepathy and don’t forget to dive into the fires on the Full Moon this weekend!  The new Moon is only three weeks away!


Full details will be in the Aquarius New Moon 2010 newsletter.  And please pass this on! I wonder what would happen if we reached critical mass?   Thanks for your support in this experiment.


As always, if you’d like an appointment with Cathy, contact her at cathy@wisdom-of-astrology.com


Bright Blessings on us all!


Cathy Pagano