Fees / Contact Information

Most of my work is conducted over the phone or the Internet. I travel and give classes and see clients as well. Let me know if you'd like a workshop in your area.

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Fee Schedule

Sessions are 1 hour unless otherwise stated.  There are added fees for Paypal.  The PayPal button is below.


Single Therapy or Dream Work Session:  $105.00

Monthly Therapy or Coaching Sessions: $350.00/ 4sessions

Dream Package:  Three 1/2 hour sessions for $125.00

On-line Dream Group on Skype: $25.00/session

Astrology Sessions

All readings are recorded and because of our busy lives, are most often conducted over the phone or skype.  I also do in-person readings in Las Vegas and when I'm traveling.   

Natal Astrology Chart: $160.00    

This first reading looks at the natal, progressed and transit charts. 

Check-ups & Solar Return Chart: $125.00

Solar Returns are your yearly birthday charts, which show you what aspects of your life you'll be concentrating on each year.

Check-ups are any astrological sessions you want after your initial reading.

Astro-chartography charts: $125.00

  A look at your chart spread out over the world map,  to help you decide where you'll find what you're looking for: romance, business, opportunity. 

Relationship Chart readings: $250.00 

A Look at both partners birth charts, separately and together.

Past-Life Regression: $250.00 (11/2 hours)

Only offered in person. 

Transit Report: $20.00

A year long report on your personal transits.  This day-by-day report helps you understand the energies at play during each day.  

  • Payments must be made before appointment

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