Virgo New Moon, September 15-16, 2012

The Cosmic Story: Virgo New Moon, September 15-16, 2012:

Healing, Service and Our Authentic Talents


This above all – to thine own Self be true.

And it must follow, as the night the day

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare


This month’s new Moon in Virgo initiates another few weeks of intense change.  So ready or not, here it comes! 

On September 17th, Pluto turns to direct motion, intensifying its transformative energy.  Pluto, the planet of evolution, retrograde since April 10th, is now ready to continue transforming our lives and our world.   Then on September 19th, Pluto forms its second square to Uranus, marking another turning point in our collective evolution out of patriarchy and into true citizenship and grown-up responsibility.

This Virgo new Moon is a perfect time to check in with yourself to see how far you’ve come in your journey of self-knowledge and self-actualization.    

Virgo’s lessons and initiation involved alchemy, the union of opposing energies and the transformation of those energies through self-knowledge into a new sense of wholeness and Self-consciousness.   Virgo is the sign where we work to perfect ourselves, not by being perfect but by coming to understand how we see ourselves, what we value, how we process life, what our emotional body feels like and where our creative impulse lies. We weave ourselves together in Virgo, discerning what is us and what is not us

        Virgo is ‘ruled’ or inspired by Mercury as the healing energy of the Mind.  In Virgo, a more grounded Mercury than in Gemini, known variously as Hermes Trismegisthus, the EgyptianThoth, the alchemical Mercurius.  His virtues are ‘patience, purification and perfection, great technique, mastery and humility.’1 Virgo works hard at perfecting her craft, in humble service to the work itself.  To do this, Virgo must balance her body, mind and spirit.  Earthy Virgo wants to make sure the body is given its due or else it becomes unhealthy.  And we need a healthy body now, because change is hard work, especially on the nervous system.

Mercury’s energies unite with this new Moon, emphasizing the ability of the Mind to encompass new insights about ourselves and our world.  And on September 20th, Mercury will form what we call a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto, opening the Mind to accept our responsibility for transforming our own life and our world.   

Virgo’s earthy Mercury allows the rational mind to shed light on our dark unconscious motives so we can embrace our shadows without fear.  He helps us bridge spiritual insights with physical needs, healing through sympathetic magic and the focused use of the imagination.  Merlin is an aspect of this magical Mercury; friend, counselor and healer to the Self.  Merlin’s birthday is in September (Virgo’s month) and he became the archetypal image of the guide and guru.  If we follow the guide, Merlin’s energy can help us hone our mental sword of discrimination.  We create our life by our choices, and Virgo’s mental energies can either heal or disrupt our lives.  Our minds can help us accept the Truth and make the best of it or flood us with fears so we obsess over our problems, leading to stress and self-criticism.  Merlin’s guidance helps us be true to our Self.

Virgo is also known as the Virgin of Life, gathering in the harvest of our creations.  The Egyptian goddess Isis was associated with Virgo because the end of summer is the time of year when the Nile floods and new life returns to the land.  This aspect of Isis is not the lover, but the mother who carries her child in her lap, symbolizing the manifestation of the potentials of life.  A new creation occurs!  New insights are born and new solutions generated. 

                                              Isis & Horus

That is the magical side-effect of Virgo’s initiation into meaningful service. Something new emerges, something deep and true.  A problem is solved, a wound is healed.  Virgo’s ability to discern what’s happening in the moment and to find a solution that works is the backbone of being of service to others. There is a joy to this work, a flexibility that is open to incorporating each experience into a new whole.  Virgo concentrates on doing her job well and is humble enough to offer her mastery to the world.  Being of service gives us the opportunity to perfect ourselves and our craft.

Virgo New Moon 2012


        This Virgo new Moon occurs on September 15 at 7:11pm PDT/ 10:11pm EDT/ and on September 16 at 2:11am GMT.  It’s in an opportune relationship to the North Node in Scorpio, facilitating necessary mental breakdowns that need to occur for rebirth.

          The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 24* Virgo is:  Mary and her little lamb.  This childhood rhyme reminds us to protect our innocence in the midst of the tests we’re all undergoing.  Stay true to your ideals.  It is past time that we stopped thinking that being idealistic was being impractical and naïve. 

          The Sabian symbol for Mercury at 29* Virgo is: A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind.  We have to keep our Mind centered on the eternal Truth of life, rather than on the corporate message that we are merely consumers.  We have to stand in our Truth to get past Fear.  And we have to use our ‘higher’ Mind, our intuition, to come up with real solutions to our problems.

          Jupiter has reached 16* Gemini, the degree of Venus’ transit over the Sun on June 5th.  The Sabian symbol:  A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.  How synchronistic!  As the Dalai Lama has stated: Western women will save the world.  Jupiter bestows luck and curiosity upon those who look with the eyes of spirit.  Isn’t it time to see how our passionate beliefs can help us take a stand?  Women, especially, are called to service right now – not a service that asks for self-sacrifice, but service to the world that rejects self-denial and too much humility.  (See my emerging archetypal themes movie blog on Mistress of Spices.)

          Pluto at 7* Capricorn squares Uranus at 7* Aries for the second of seven times.  The first time was on June 24th and the next five will continue through 2015.  It will obviously take that many crossroads to get this new revolution born!  For an in-depth look at the meaning of this meeting of two titans, see my Gemini newsletter.   The second time 2 planets meet we end up examining our inner feelings and beliefs as opposed to something big happening outside that wakes us up.  What have you been feeling about your life and the world since late June? How are you becoming more like the archetype you feel called by?  What have you done lately to move our collective mind toward the future good?  

The Sabian symbol for Pluto at 7* Capricorn is: A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.  This image tells us that if we turn within (being veiled) we can connect to the Wisdom of life to show us the way forward.  In this time when patriarchy is (finally) dying, those of us who can go within to touch the Source of Life will have new visions to share with the world.

The Sabian symbol for Uranus at 7* Aries is: A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms.  Here the alchemical lesson is that we can unite our spiritual nature with our material life.  If we do, our visions will be True.

Venus has moved into Leo and is squaring Mars in Scorpio.  Our Love nature and our Desire nature meet at the crossroads of change. With help from Uranus, Venus shines from the heart of the Sun and demands that our desires fit the times.  We have to get over our adolescent, superficial longings and discover our deepest, adult desires.  Only then will our hearts be satisfied.

Plant this Virgo seed in rich soil, because whatever you plant down will bear fruit in the years to come.

Blessed Be!


1.      Kathleen Burt, Archtypes of the Zodiac, (St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1997), p. 190.