The Cosmic Story: The Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014

The Cosmic Story:  The Heavenly Grand Cross and

the Maturing of the American Psyche.


Welcome my dears!   Come sit around my fire.  I want to tell you a story. 

I believe stories are food for the soul, and right now, my soul needs a good story and perhaps yours does too. My story shines light on our crazy world, giving us an archetypal perspective of what we are facing.  It gives meaning to our experience, gives us hope and like the best fairy tales, gives us instructions for living fully at this transformational time in human history.

There are four mighty Powers taking up their stations in the heavens at each of the four arms of a cosmic cross.  As these Powers turn the cosmic wheel, new energies will be available for us to use in our lives and for our world. 

So this month stay awake, have faith, be brave and face death.   A new birth is upon us.

Cardinal Grand Cross, April 2014 

The Cosmic Story tells us there is a Cosmic Cross forming in our sky.  Four archetypal Powers are taking their stand at the four corners of this cross.  The cross stretches through the Cardinal signs of the Zodiac: Uranus stands in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.  These four signs also preside over the changing of the seasons: Vernal Equinox/Aries, Summer Solstice/Cancer, Autumn Equinox/Libra and Winter Solstice/Capricorn.  That makes this a very dynamic cross.  It calls for movement and change. 

 These four archetypal Powers are the ones doing the moving!  Yet, each of us is called to take part in this movement, grounding these powerful energies consciously, bringing balance and stability into play. This cosmic cross calls us to our destinies.  It is synchronistic that this cosmic cross comes to perfection (tightest angles) during the Christian Holy Week, when we remember the Christ who allowed himself to be nailed to the cross of Earth and then showed us that resurrection and rebirth are possible.  At the end of the Age of Pisces, we are all called to this mystery of re-birth and resurrection.  Jesus, the god-man of the Piscean Age, did say that he was just showing us the way.  It’s time we got serious about our cosmic mission.  This Cosmic Cross is our call to action.  We have to do our part to change the direction our world is going in.

The Cosmic Cross creates a womb which includes the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square.  This is the 5th square in a highly unusual series of 7 squares—7 symbolizing an initiation into higher consciousness. That initiation completes next year.  Now we have to deal with the 5th square—a crossroads that will determine the outcome of this cosmic challenge.  Did you know that the energy of the 5 is called the Quintessence?  The Quintessence is considered the fifth element, the purest form of a thing, something new and wonderful that’s never been seen before, something that accelerates growth.  The Quintessence is the life force, calling us to a new state of being.

So we’re in luck!  This Cardinal Grand Cross is blessed by the power of the Quintessence, offering us needed Life energy to help us face this world crisis.  If we actually take up this cross and bear the responsibility of facing the challenge of global climate change, it will change everything.  We can overthrow the patriarchal paradigm of life as work as money and profit if we truthfully face the fact of climate change.  We will have to change our lifestyle and create a more sustainable society.  That will change everything else. 

We have to remember that we are part of the web of life.  Without clean water, air and earth, humans die.  Mother Earth can heal herself once we’re gone, but if we want to stick around, we have to learn to honor and work with our Mother Earth so we have a home to live on. We’ve gotten stuck in the idiotic ‘enlightened’ rational notion that the Earth is only dead matter and we can do anything we want to Her.  Unfortunately, that’s never been true and we’ve left doing something about it until the last minute, like teen-agers with term papers due next week.  That means we’ll have to mature quickly.

Transformation of the American Psyche

This is where the transformation of the American psyche comes in.  American culture and corporations have pretty much taken over the world.  We do live in one world now, even if some of us only live on the outskirts.  It is the American mindset of individualism, consumerism and adolescent negligence and self-interest that has taken over, and now it has to mature into a more responsible, adult concern for community welfare and the common good. 

When we look at the 4th of July birth chart of the United States of America, we are looking at the original manifesto of the belief in freedom, equality and the hope for a better life.  While some people still think we’re following those beliefs, the reality is those beliefs have been twisted into a travesty of their original intent.  Somehow the idea of adults living a free and responsible life has become the freedom to act selfishly and unwisely whenever possible.  I picture Pinocchio and his thuggish friends going to the island of pleasures where they can have whatever their hearts desire.  And they all turn into donkeys!  We need to redefine ourselves.

At the moment, one of the critical energies affecting America’s birth chart is its approaching Pluto return.  None of us will ever live to have a Pluto return, which takes around 240 years, but the USA is going to have our first Pluto return in 2022.  When a planet returns to its birth degree, we have to look at the archetypal energy and re-birth it in a new form.   We are at the very end of a cycle that deals with power.  We have to reconsider our use of military, political, economic and cultural power (Pluto in Capricorn).  We are being asked to reconsider what power is and how to use it.  Under patriarchy, power has been used to dominate.  Hopefully, as we reclaim feminine consciousness as equal to masculine consciousness, we will have a society that knows how to channel power without trying to own it.  But until then, we have to go through disruptions that will break down the old system before we can create a new one.   And as we are seeing, the old system isn’t going ‘gently into that good night’.  That’s why all of us have to step up to the plate and get involved.

Two of the planets that make up this Cosmic Cross sit exactly on America’s Sun in Cancer (our identity) square Saturn in Libra (our responsibility to others).  America’s challenge has always been to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves and others; to become a real leader.  We’ve done this in the past, but now that we’re the only superpower we seem to have lost sight of our original mission.  Now it’s all about what’s in our economic best interests rather than meeting everyone’s true needs.  Like autocratic children who only think of themselves, we have descended into narcissism.  It’s all about us!   Donkeys!

                               US birth chart inner/Libra Lunar Eclipse 2014 outer

Jupiter is in Cancer exactly on America’s Sun, giving us a refresher course in cosmic law that can either regenerate our cultural identity or just make our arrogance more blatant.  Americans have to go back to the basics of what it means to be free, since freedom is the basis of our cultural myth.  What happened to the brave ancestral spirit that cried ‘give me liberty or give me death’ when faced by an autocratic government that did not care for the common good? 

The spiritual power Jupiter bestows in this Cosmic Cross is not about following rigid religious dogma but rather a spiritual vision that makes us better people.  In Cancer, the sign of the Mother, Jupiter’s power lies in the hands of the Great Mother, who understands what people really need to blossom into adult human beings—a safe environment, a good home, lots of love, trustworthy security, creative outlets and a strong sense of community.  (Cosmic Law 101: Mothers are shaped to love the life they give birth to.)

That’s where Pluto in Capricorn comes in.  Pluto stands across from Jupiter in this Cosmic Cross—two really big powers struggling to construct a strong connection.  At their best, these two powers want to work together to make us more aware of what makes for a life-enhancing, healthy society.  To this end, Pluto has been busy undermining social structures that are no longer attuned to their original purpose.  Pluto’s transit through the sign of our social structures is showing us how unhealthy they are.  The American way of life is sustained by junk food, whose only purpose is to feed the greed of imaginary corporate ‘people’ whose only god is money.  Pluto’s telling us it’s time the world went on a diet!  (Cosmic Law 101: Fathers were originally shaped to help protect us from and connect us to a larger world.)

Our government and financial sector have been hijacked by the military-industrial complex, an economic system that only serves its own self-interests.  So Pluto is helping uncover its corruption and decay.  Our job is to implement the changes we need to make to create a sustainable culture that helps people attain the original promise of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.  That’s where we got off-track.  Our bridge (the patriarchy) to a sustainable culture broke.  So far, corporations make lousy mothers and dictatorial fathers who are not very good examples for the other ‘people’ in the world.  (Cosmic Law 101: Corporations ARE NOT people.)  

Mars retrograde in Libra is exactly on America’s Saturn in Libra, challenging America’s natal Cancer Sun. Mars energy helps us act on our desires, and when it joins with Saturn in Libra, it pushes us to take fair and balanced actions that lead to diplomacy rather than war.  I understand how passionate people are about their beliefs, but those beliefs are often so unconscious that they blind us to what is really going on.  When the U.S. Supreme Court votes to allow even more money into politics under our 1st Amendment rights, they are saying that money equals freedom of speech.  Sorry Supreme Court patriarchal justices, WRONG!  Their decision is really about the freedom to manipulate power. But many people don’t see that; instead they can only see the old story about Democrats and Republicans—rather than the truth that America’s highest court just declared that ‘Might/Money makes Right’.   King Arthur would be ashamed!

Mars in Libra uses our will and Saturn’s focus to help us speak truth to power and stand up for the Truth without getting caught up in non-essential arguments.  Libra is an air sign, so it is concerned with how we socialize with each other, how fair and just our system is.  It’s important now to add Saturn’s discipline to our actions and words.  Hone your passions and stand strong for your values.  You’ll find ways to communicate the truth so that others can see the truth for themselves.  

Mars symbolizes our desire nature, our passions and our assertiveness.  With Mars in Venus’ sign of Libra, Mars becomes the White Knight, the True King, the protector of all beauty and grace and love.  Mars in Libra is in love with Venus, acting on her behalf to bring harmony and balance into any situation.  Mars stands at one arm of the cross to make sure that we act on our ideals.  We just have to remember what they are.  (Cosmic Law 101: When feminine and masculine energies work in harmony and balance, they give birth to abundant life.) 

Across from Mars on the cross stands Uranus, the original freedom fighter, the archetypal power of revolution and sudden change.  In Aries, this Power awakens us to a new identity.  Aries is the archetypal realm of primal fire and desire, where we ask these questions: Who do I want to be!  What do I want to do?  How can I be a leader?  We’ve talked about Uranus as our access to the archetypal realm of the starry night sky, the cosmic principles which shape our lives here on Earth.  While Jupiter knows the meaning and purpose of those archetypal principles, Uranus gets us in touch with them, cracking us open to plunge us into the archetypal processes that shape our souls.

Uranus in Aries wants to revolutionize our identities, shattering our old, patriarchal ego-identities which suited us well for survival in modern society, and awaken a more primal identity which meets the needs of our world in crisis.  Warrior, healer, bard, wise woman.  Just a few examples of what we are meant to be.  What we need to become if we are to live out our destiny and help shape the future.  (Cosmic Law 101: Self-definition comes from within through the power of the archetypes.)

We have four archetypal Powers channeling the energies of the 4 directions, grounding us in the here and now, providing a foundation for a new birth.  Uranus, the rebel leader who connects us to our purpose.  Jupiter, the lawgiver and storyteller who inspires us to have faith in our visions and gives us a mother’s love in our hearts.   Mars, the defender, the great power of desire that helps us stand steady and reach out a hand to heal and help.  Pluto, dark lord of the power of time, moving us forward by killing off what needs to die in order to survive.  Powerful and perilous energies that need a human heart to channel them into life.      

Through the cardinal action of motion, these Powers turn the Cosmic Cross; and through the energy of the 5th square, they usher in a new era, a new consciousness. We are the grandmothers and grandfathers of the future.  Can we really let the children of the future suffer for how we misused the Earth?  We have the capacity to grow up and work with Mother Earth to create a heart-centered world—a world at peace and in balance.  A world that values both the individual and the community.  A world where men and women, masculine and feminine consciousness are both held in equal honor.  A world which uses our creativity to enhance life rather than create death.   It will take a lifetime of exploration and dedication to achieve it.  But if we choose this path, the future holds so much promise. 

This month’s Cosmic Story heralds change. What kind of change depends on those of us who step forward as stewards of the Earth and visionary activists.1 Are you willing to step into the story and become an agent of change?  Then go home and let the story live in you.

Walk in the Light,


1.      Caroline Casey.


More notes on the 4 powers at work in the Cardinal Cross.

So these four primal Powers stand at a cosmic crossroads.  Mars will be exactly opposite Uranus, Pluto exactly opposite Jupiter.  These two pairs test each other for awareness of what we need to bring into our society and what we're willing to do about it.  Mars and will be exactly square (at a right angle to)  to Pluto and Jupiter. Four Squares!  Tension to the nth degree.  Tension which will turn the cosmic wheel.  If we can makes these energies work together, it will be a womb that births a new future for us!


Pluto is the archetypal process of evolution that entails death, transformation and rebirth.  The glyph for Pluto is the circle of spirit being cooked in the alchemical crucible of love and consciousness.  We can’t change until we let go of the known and allow the unknown to be our guide.  Pluto draws out that which is dead in us or in a culture, stripping us of what no longer serves life or exposing corrupt collective structures. Pluto gets rid of whatever is decaying and outdated to create space for new life. 

Personally, Pluto can bring us to our knees so that we finally understand we’re not in control of our lives.  Like the Christ in the Garden of Olives, we are brought to the point where we say, “Not my will, but Thine.”  As we accept the death of the old, we free ourselves to embrace the fullness of life—just as we did as children.  We let go of our personas and our ego-desires, and see the deeper picture.  A Pluto transits sets us up for a new and improved life, one that is aligned with our soul’s purpose.  We just have to go through the pain of letting go and sinking back into the chaos of creation.  That’s what frightens our ego-consciousness—knowing we’re no longer in control. When we give over control, natural law takes over and evolution happens!

Pluto’s journey is the decent to the Underworld where we reclaim our lost visions, ideals and soul.  It is an initiation where we have to face death, let go of control and open to bigger possibilities.  This powerful energy has been de-constructing our patriarchal paradigm since 2008, both within ourselves and in society.  With this fifth of seven squares to revolutionary Uranus, Pluto in Capricorn calls us to our final reckoning—will we turn our faces to the future well-being of our world, or will we stand with the forces of sterility and domination that will lead us to the more horrific death-in-life that patriarchy is clinging to.   

Pluto’s test is about power and how we relate to it.  Under patriarchy, the goal was to possess power—to be a powerful person and to control and dominate others.  As we step into a new paradigm, we will come to understand that power can be accessed as an energy source; instead of power as domination, we can access power by becoming a vessel or channel of power without trying to own it.  We’ll find that there’s enough power for all of us. 

Just think.  Pluto gathers in the dead to his realm.  Think of all the life that gets replenished down there!  The dead materials and energies of life go down into the underworld and become the compost for new life.  And if the body’s cellular memory carries our experiences with it, then Pluto guards the World Soul—the Anima Mundi—where the collective hopes and wisdom of humanity reside.  Imagine that Pluto is the dragon who guards the treasures of the collective unconscious—the gifts, talents, ideas, hopes, visions that can help us shift our society’s concerns from immediate self-gratification to our future collective welfare. 

All great spiritual teachers tell us that when we tap into our own internal source of power, our Light can shine out into the world.   Pluto’s evolutionary gift of rebirth is for all of us, but each of us has to go through this initiation individually to rebirth our collective vision for the future.  (Cosmic Law 101: Evolution happens!)


Uranus symbolizes the archetypal energy of awakening to freedom!  Like a surge of electricity, Uranus zaps us and shatters old patterns of behavior that are ready to be overthrown, liberating our consciousness from old paradigms.  Uranus’ energies celebrate the unique, the innovative, the intuitive and the ideal as well as the community which sustains these qualities. 

Uranus advocates revolution when the old forms refuse to go gracefully.  But Uranus also inspires us to think outside-the-box; when violence is no longer the answer, Uranus awakens our genius to help us find ways to create a peaceful revolution on all levels.  Our society needs to be revitalized from the bottom up.  New laws, new economies, new educational models, new communities, new international relationships, new visions for the future.

Uranus’ gift to us is illumination and liberation by whatever means necessary.  Sudden dramatic events, sudden losses, sudden surprises may give us a freedom we didn’t have before.  This power is unpredictable.   What if the Internet went down?  Would we freak out or would we be surprised by how strong our internal psychic innernet actually is?  Or would we be liberated from our attachment to technology and find community within our literal community?  Uranus will always act for the greater good so when your life is disrupted, look for the opening in the situation and speak your Truth.  And experiment!  Uranus loves to experiment with life and find new possibilities. 

Uranus is modeled on two ancient Greek figures.  The first is the night sky god Ouranos, the cosmic partner of Gaia, Mother Earth.  He is also the embodiment of the archetypal realm.  His are the cosmic laws of life, which constantly experiment with the raw materials of the universe to see what new form they can create.  Some experiments go wrong and never grow.  Others evolve into higher forms. 

Some astrologers believe that Uranus is modeled on the Greek titan, Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity so we could create culture and community.  Prometheus, whose name means forethought, also gave us the fire of consciousness and was humanity’s Great Awakener.  He defied the gods by doing this—the original rebel with a cause—and paid a price for being both trickster and culture hero.  Zeus had him bound to a rock where an eagle came every day to eat his liver, which grew back at night.  The liver is the seat of emotions—especially anger.  Perhaps the great god Zeus/Jupiter understood that higher consciousness can only be attained by understanding and integrating (eagle) our emotions—especially our anger (liver).  

So call on the winds of change.  Step into the archetypal role your soul has prepared for you.  Spread your wings and lift off!  (Cosmic Law 101: Change happens!)      


Mars symbolizes the archetypal energy of desire, of will, of action.  Mars, like the god Eros, arouses us to find our passion, our courage and our sense of adventure.  When we don’t honor and work with our Martian energies, they turn into anger, aggression, violence and war.  Perhaps we need to ask those who want to go to war, ‘what is it you really desire’?  If you go to war to be secure, Uranus’ innovative awareness can help Mars find a way for you to be secure without war.   Mars energy will help you take action.  It’s up to you to know the right actions to take.

As the ruler of Aries, the sign of the Spring Equinox, Mars is the fire and desire of creation.  When we dance with fire, we evoke our heroism and courage, our integrity and our strength. The fires of creation burn within all of us, but it takes courage to harness our passions.  Mars is our physical energy, our ability to grapple with a situation until we discover how to get our needs met. Mars wants us to trust our instincts, just like fairy tale heroes who help and are helped by various animals they befriend on their adventures.  Mars’ actions are instinctual and concrete—our common sense at work.  Determination and stamina, desire and protection—these are the qualities that Mars helps us develop.

When Mars is retrograde, this energy comes from within us; it’s self-generated and grounded in our true desires.  Mars in Libra wants us to make love not war, to seek peaceful resolutions to old antagonisms, to create art instead of violence.  By standing up and protecting the rights of others, we protect our own rights.  By courageously taking a stand for what we believe in, we can channel our inner Mars away from anger and into strength of purpose.  (Cosmic Law 101: We are all in this together.)


Jupiter is the King of the Gods, symbolizing the spiritual force that upholds society, the guiding principles of a culture.  Jupiter embodies the power of questioning and quests, the need to expand our understanding of life and death, the exploration of the possible.  Jupiter wants us to expand our perceptions, look at new philosophies to find meaning in life.   Jupiter’s expansive nature comes just as much from curiosity as it does from cosmic principles.  This power wants to see the possibilities of life, the bigger picture that surrounds our mundane life.  Jupiter is the Teacher, the Guru, the Bard—the Sage who embodies the traditions that define our human experience.  He guides us to new consciousness, new values and new possibilities.  (Cosmic Law 101: We are all here on Earth to be Visionary Activists.)