The Cosmic Story: Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2012

The Cosmic Story: Gemini Lunar Eclipse 2012


          Eclipses occur because the planes of the Earth, Moon and Sun come together at two nodal points in space.  We call these points lunar nodes and they stand opposite each other.   A double triple crossroads, if you will, between different states of being or different dimensions of reality.  Since triple crossroads mark fateful forks in the life’s journey, eclipses mark points where choices make a difference. 

Over time, these two lunar nodes move backwards through the zodiac and constellations.   Astrology holds that the North Node points to the future, while the South Node points to the past.  The choice offered is, do we move forward into the future or continue to cling to the past?    

From March 2011 to September 2012 the lunar nodes were in Sagittarius (North) and Gemini (South).  The cosmic lesson entailed transforming the Mind: from a too narrow mindset to a larger, expansive Truth, from old prejudices to more inclusiveness, from old stories about how the world works to new stories about our place in the Earth’s ecology.  At this last eclipse in the series, we get to see how far we’ve come in our personal task of transforming our mind.

With Sagittarius, the search for Truth and Cosmic Law is paramount. In Gemini, all the myriad facts of life fascinate the mind, which wants to put them all into categories to better remember them.   Gemini believes that all knowledge is worth having, even if it doesn’t move us toward the truth of the matter.  That’s why people can manipulate facts to suit their needs.   Sagittarius moves beyond knowledge to gnosis, believing that the experience of knowledge leads to the discovery of Truth. 

This lunar eclipse offers us a chance to look at our old beliefs, old paradigms and old inner stories and see how small they’ve become for who we are now.   This eclipse can mark an end to indecision, since Gemini can be the most indecisive sign of the zodiac because everything is so interesting.   Once the Gemini Moon offers us a glimpse of what our old thought patterns hold onto, the Sagittarius Sun can forge our intention to find our inner Truth. 

As the last eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini nodal axis, we can check in with ourselves to see if we’ve integrated its lesson.  The lesson’s blessing?  Intelligence reborn, set within a new framework, a new, bigger Story.  Ask yourselves some questions:  What do I really think about my life?  What story (hopes, goals, beliefs) creates my life?    From what perspective do I respond to life?  Does it fit who I’ve become?  If not, what is my new Story?  How can I create a bigger story for myself? 

As we approach Winter Solstice and the darkness deepens, we literally look to a rebirth of the Light.  How much light shines out will depend on each of us.  The Light of Life needs a new Story, a new belief on each of our parts to accept our personal destiny as well as our collective destiny.  Like Luke Skywalker, at some point we have to accept we’re part of a Bigger Story.  Tragically, most of us stay in our old, uncomfortable story until a disaster shakes us out of it.  This lunar eclipse gives us a chance to choose the story without the tragedy.

Our environment is disintegrating rapidly.   We need a Bigger Story so that we can gear all our creativity toward healing the Earth and healing ourselves from long centuries of war and fear.  We do this so that all of our children will have a chance at a good life in the future.  Our first sacrifice entails letting go of an old story of entitlement and taking on a new story of responsibility and cooperation.   

It’s time to save our world.    The Pluto in Capricorn/ Uranus in Aries square is certainly carrying the 60s revolution onward.  We are going to set those 60s beliefs about the Earth, our resources, our connections with people and nations, our work and our health, our freedom and equality into action.  We are going to make them the foundation of a new society.

Gemini Lunar Eclipse

          The Gemini Full Moon eclipse occurs on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 6:46am PST/ 9:46am EST/ 2:46pm GMT


          The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 7* Sagittarius is: Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart.  In the past, we have tried to make Cupid a childish god of romantic love, but in reality, he is the great God Eros, Divine Desire.  It is time to open our hearts to our heart’s desire!  It will lead us to our destiny.  Remember Love is the first and mightiest Power in the Cosmos.  Love channels the creative force of the universe and stands against the destructive powers of creation.   Love connects us to each other and to the Earth.

          The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 7* Gemini is: A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees.   This symbol speaks to a deep, fundamental belief in the sustaining power of life.  We have made a connection to the Waters of Life, which nourish the trees to their full growth.   These images call on us to release our fears about life and open ourselves to the Divine Spirit of life which will sustain us, even in death.

          Neptune and Chiron in Pisces challenge this full Moon to stay open to other realities and other ways of knowing, such as the feminine, empathic, instinctual knowledge that our society has tried to ignore and make irrelevant.  Open to Great Mystery and see what you discover.  There are many stories moving through the great Ocean of Life, the Collective Unconscious.  Which one attracts you?

          Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruler) retrograde in Gemini joins the Moon, making it easier to understand the eclipse energies and to get the big Story.  Having Jupiter align with this full Moon eclipse marks a change in our beliefs and hopefully a change from blind religious faith to individual spiritual seeking.

          Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) just changed to direct motion on Monday November 26.  Starting its retrograde in Sagittarius very close to this eclipse degree, it has traveled back to 19* Scorpio: A parrot repeats the conversation he has overheard.  This is a degree that marks the gift of channeling information and wisdom from a higher source.  It’s synchronistic that 5* Sagittarius (where Mercury began its retrograde) is: An old owl sits alone on the branch of an old tree.  The owl is associated with the ability to see in the dark.  Another symbol for wisdom, the owl can perceive the unconscious parts of ourselves which the ego can’t or won’t recognize.  Hopefully, this Mercury retrograde has been a time to look deep within and discover those parts of ourselves that have gone missing for a while.  Now it is possible to re-integrate them back into our conscious lives.  What stories did you abandon through the years?  Do you want to re-animate them?  Let them tell you a new story.

Venus and Saturn have been dancing together in Scorpio since last Wednesday.  They meet on Monday November 26th after Mercury goes direct.   Venus and Saturn sometimes make a somber pair, but they can also work together to stay focused on what love needs to do to heal ourselves and our partners.  Think responsible love as well as deep eroticism.  They meet at 7* Scorpio, the degree of last month’s Taurus Full Moon:  Deep sea Divers. This symbol urges us to focus our intentions on exploring the deeper causes of our fears, our insecurities, or our inability to relate.  To dive deeply into the collective unconscious helps us understand the hidden energies of life that unconsciously move us toward greater growth or keep us stuck in a lingering death.

Mars moved into Capricorn on November 16th and is conjunct Pluto on November 27thbringing the energies of the Uranus/Pluto square into play, adding another piece of the puzzle to what we need to understand and embrace.  Mars symbolizes our personal desire nature (our 2nd chakra) while Pluto represent a transpersonal desire, the need to evolve.  Combined, we feel that the greater needs of life match our own desires  After Mars went into Capricorn, it opposed Ceres the Great Mother, hopefully acknowledging what needs to be done to ensure fertility and life.  Mars squared Uranus in Aries on November 23rd, challenging us to be true to ourselves and stand up for our desires.  Mars and Pluto come together at 9* Capricorn: An angle carrying a harp.  We are being attuned to the rhythm of universal life, the cosmic Truth of Life.  When our human desire nature serves the needs of Spirit, we are living our destiny.

Finally, there is a very strong YOD, or finger of Fate focused on the Moon at this eclipse.  Sometimes called the sword in the stone, a Yod is a great talent or blessing that needs the right time and person to weld it.  One leg of this Yod focuses the energies of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, transmitting their information about deep emotional transformation to the Gemini Moon. The other leg of the Yod focuses the energies of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, acknowledging the need for social change.  If the Gemini Moon can take this information in and attune our minds to it, we will indeed see marvelous changes in the future. 

 There really is a spiritual energy that enfolds and guides us.  It can be found within each one of us.  It is called by many names, but I call it Lady Wisdom.

               This is a blessing my fellow priestess Spinner gifted us with last week.  We did it with arm gestures.  Please feel free to devise your own.

 “I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.”

Bright Blessings as we approach the Rebirth of the Light!