The Cosmic Story: Capricorn New Moon, January 1, 2014

The Cosmic Story: Capricorn New Moon, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!  The Cosmic Story is definitely making a statement with the Capricorn New Moon falling on New Year’s Day.  The old year and our old story are now in the past and we need to create a new story.  With Pluto joining the new Moon, our cosmic instructions tell us to give the great god Pluto the starring role.

We often give Pluto (or the Greek Hades) a bad rap, making him the heavy who causes all our troubles. Oh no, I’ve got a Pluto transit to my Sun!  That’s why things are so bad. We assign him all the dark, evil and twisted aspects of our own inner psyches as well as all the trouble the world dishes out to us.  But that’s not who Pluto is.

It’s hard being the Lord of the Underworld! At some point, every soul passes through his realm, carrying all those twisted desires.  His is the force that contains and incubates them into new life.  Without him, we’d be stuck on the surface of life, never experiencing the highs that are the other side of our lows.  In our binary world, we need both experiences to be whole.

And things aren’t bad because of Pluto.  Pluto energizes evolution.  It’s our attitude which makes experiences bad or good.  After all, Pluto is one of the gods of change, more specifically the archetypal energy of death, initiation, rebirth and transformation.  It’s our cultural and therefore personal belief that change is bad that makes Pluto the villain.  Pluto is one of the gods who helps us leave behind our patriarchal conditioning so we can become conscious agents of change.  This is the initiation Planet Earth is going through right now—can human beings become conscious agents of evolution or will we self-destruct rather than change?

And with all this going on in the sphere of Capricorn’s influence, the outcome of the initiation is that it’s time for the human race to grow up, to grow in maturity and responsibility and stop acting like male adolescents—I include women in this statement. In our patriarchal version of adolescence, our being (the feminine) is swept away by our emotions (and therefore not to be trusted) and our doing (the masculine) is all about aggression and competition to be on top of the heap. 

The initiation we face personally and collectively is that we must become adults and learn to discipline our minds, understand and channel our feelings and dedicate ourselves to our spiritual purpose.  We have to claim our spiritual inheritance and become co-creators of life.  And we’ve set it up so that if we fail this initiation, the Earth herself just might kill us off.

While women are still treated like second-class citizens, even in America, the Feminine Spirit is alive and calling to us in this initiatory time. This is good news, because all of us need a new feminine consciousness to create a new story about our world and our place in it.  Women especially are discovering the power of our inner freedom and learning the language of Lady Wisdom.  We are catalyzing a new way of being and therefore our doing is changing too.  Now men have to initiate a new relationship with their own inner feminine side—leaving behind the old patriarchal rules about men and feelings and mystery—so that their actions spring from the truth of their being. 

Initiation. Death. Rebirth.  Transformation.  These are the treasures that Pluto bestows on those who enter his realm. 

Capricorn New Moon, January 1, 2014

The Capricorn New Moon occurs on New Year’s Day at 3:14am PST/ 7:14am EST/ 11:14am GMT. 

The Sun, Moon, Pluto and Mercury are within 2* of each other in Capricorn.  This means their energies mesh and work well together.  The Sun symbolizes our sense of Self, the Moon symbolizes our individual story—our imagination about life, our needs and our comfort zone, Mercury describes how our minds work and our communications skills, while Pluto cooks us in his cauldron and assures us that transformation happens.

Pluto opens us to Divine Will, to Cosmic Law.  As we let go of our ego’s petty will (which patriarchy encourages), we learn to say, Not my will but Thine.  Pluto blows away any obstacles to that larger vision, forcing us to give up control over our lives and believing in the Divine plan for each of us.  Pluto teaches us that the only way to become powerful is to become a channel of power, someone filled with power.  The power of life. 

Pluto opens us to the deep, rich mysteries of life, often through pain; however, that comes from a belief system that tells us that death must be painful, that letting go is scary and the unknown is dangerous.  If we learn to transform the pain into meaning, we burn in purifying fires that release us from our cultural conditioning and free us to become the person we were destined to be.  Pluto opens us to infinite possibility once our cultural conditioning is burnt away.

The seeds you plant for this first New Moon of the New Year 2014 are seeds of renewed life (Pluto/Sun/Moon). And we get to name it (Mercury) and own it.  Set intentions this Capricorn new Moon for the whole world and your purpose in it.  Tell yourself and the world a new story.  And we need to tell it together.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 11* Capricorn is: A large group of pheasant on a private estate.  Pheasants usually have beautiful tail plumes, long associated with sexual expression, especially all the different colors and flavors of sexuality.  While they are often domesticated and used for sport and food, they reflect our need to enjoy life’s pleasures.  This new Moon calls us to plant more seeds that feed us the simple pleasures of life. 

The Cardinal Grand Cross

The cardinal grand cross between Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto is strengthening, giving us a preview of what April might look like.  With the Sun, Moon and Mercury being part of it, we will be personally affected—let go of old structures that no longer serve you, like unrewarding jobs, negative relationships, poor self-image and unsustainable life-styles.    Patterns shape energy and with 5 oppositions and 10 squares, the energies are pushing us to shift our consciousness into a new paradigm. 

Venus is retrograde and beginning to disappear from the evening sky.  She’s in a good relationship to Saturn in Scorpio, so find ways to clear up relationship issues now.  The truth, if spoken with love, can change anything.

May all your New Year’s dreams come true.  So mote it be!