The Cosmic Story: Capricorn Full Moon, July 3, 2012

The Cosmic Story: Capricorn Full Moon: July 3, 2012


                                           Signing the Declaration of Independence - John Trumbull 

America’s Birthday Challenge

This full Moon falls right before America’s 236th birthday on July 4th. (236=11 for those of you into numerology – 11 is a Master number of spiritual purity and new beginnings, balance and inner power.)  The country’s solar return chart for this year has a cardinal grand cross demanding a renewed our sense of ourselves as Americans  – Pluto’s square to Uranus will energize America’s Sun/sense of identity.   Mars (finally leaving Virgo after 8 months) goes into Libra a few hours before the full Moon, making the 4th leg of the grand cross.  For those of you with planets between 0 – 14* Cancer, you will also have this grand cross for your solar return year.  This is a hard but active configuration that demands that we make changes in our lives – and in our attitudes.   While this grand cross might bring us face to face with outer frustration and inner tension, it can teach us self-discipline and moderation.  Sounds like all of us could use a dose of that, especially in politics. 

A cardinal grand cross has at least one planet in each of the cardinal signs: Pluto in Capricorn is opposite the Sun in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra.  Pluto is continuing to expose the decay in our cultural systems, forcing us to really look at ourselves (Sun in Cancer), as individuals and as a country.  He asks, “Is this really what you want to support?  This kind of corporate power?  This level of greed?  This disregard of Life?” The Cancer Sun needs to answer these questions.  Is our way of life really nurturing us?    Mars, just entering Libra, is there to grapple with the issues of fairness and partnership.  How will we resolve our differences?  Do we really need to pull apart, or can we be grown-ups and find solutions to our problems together?  But Uranus in Aries will demand that we stay true to ourselves, because we’ve finally come to ourselves and understand that we each have to stand up for our truth and add our gifts to the world.  At this crisis point in our history, these energies are driving us to make changes that will affect us personally but also collectively. 

Americans do have clear issues we have to face – just as the rest of the world does to.  What kind of economic system supports all of us in a fair and equitable manner, balancing family security; shared communal responsibilities such as education, health, the environment, social services; business interests; creativity and the Arts.   People everywhere are faced with big decisions, asking questions about what is important in life.  

Behind all the political rhetoric, shouldn’t we be asking questions about where we put our resources and why?  As a community, what do we feel is important for us to do together?  When we look at our national budget, we might ask: Why is America an arsenal of War?  Why is our defense budget bigger than the next 25 nations’ budgets added together?  Is that crazy or what? Or Why do we let our representatives in Congress engage in political fighting when there are important decisions to be made regarding our internal infrastructure?  People need to think about what they value.

That’s the identity crisis Americans have to face.  We want to believe we’re the land of the free and home of the brave but we haven’t been acting like that lately.  At least our government hasn’t by narrowing our rights in the name of national security.  And in many ways, neither have we the people.   So, each of us has to ask ourselves, how do I embody the values that America stands for?  Many of us are upset that our constitution is being ignored, but we can’t expect a corrupt government run by big money to make it better.  If we really live in a democracy, that means it’s up to we, the people to demand the changes we believe our country needs and so we have to incarnate that spirit of freedom within ourselves and act on it. 

Because this cardinal cross operates best when we take action!  We need to engage in activities that use our energies to begin something new; at the same time, it demands that we cooperate with others to achieve our purposes.  It sounds like it’s time to work together to create a ‘more perfect union’ rather than continue to draw the line with confrontation.  With Mars and Uranus in the picture, there can be lots of impulsiveness where we overdue aggression and action, ambition and competitiveness.  But if we stay conscious, the situations we face can teach us patience, endurance, inner composure and a focused use of energy.   If we let Mars grapple (which is the original purpose of the Roman god) with our need to cooperate while we let Uranus infuse us with our archetypal identity, we can change the dynamics of the political discussions all over the world.

Perhaps the US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act is part of this change of priorities that the Pluto square Uranus is pushing for.  We might be seeing the beginning of a new, more compassionate sense of ourselves as Americans.  We are, after all, a Cancer country.  We see ourselves as nurturers – we were the breadbasket of the world for a while there.  But America has always been one of the most patriarchal countries in the world, advocating rugged individualism over communal help, self-interest over the common good.

When immigrants came to America, they left behind their clans, their tribes.  They came to America to make something of themselves.  But the truth is they had to do it on their own.  And the American Dream said that’s the only way to do it.  That rugged individualism was better than tribal support.  It advocated a masculine competitive spirit that has led to the greed and corruption and power-grabbing we see today. 

Cancer caring and emotional creativity are downplayed in America today.  So this full Moon, perhaps we Americans need to take a second look at the myth of “as American as Mom and apple pie.”  America has a patriarchal Mom = negative mother complex.  We are only valued if we make money – that’s our highest value.  It doesn’t leave much room for caring, compassion, the arts, health and a viable environment, etc. 

But Cancer is the emotional matrix of the zodiac, and it wants us to love ourselves for who we are – not who we’re supposed to be. That’s real freedom!  Once we leave the Father’s house of patriarchal thought, we can give value to the feminine virtues of life as well as the masculine.  That’s one of the questions this full Moon poses.  Just before the full Moon, Pluto comes together with the Moon to continue to clean out old patriarchal rules and regulations within our psyches.  Use this time to actively investigate what wants to die in you.  And let it go! And then let the love and compassion of the feminine spirit speak to you of real security and peace.  You’ll be surprised at what comes out of it.

Capricorn Full Moon

This Capricorn full Moon asks us to become aware (full Moon) of the state of our family and home (Cancer) and the state of our society (Capricorn).  Are we living up to our ideals of conservation and healthy living?  Are we simplifying our lives? Do our homes reflect the joy of family and community?  Does our culture support us in maintaining our homes?  If not, what needs to change? 


Pluto and Uranus began this cycle of their cosmic dance in the 60s in the sign of Virgo, which deals with our health, our environment, our food, our service and work, our animals and our unique individuality.  So it makes sense that the Health Care Act sets off this first square between the planets of evolution and revolution.  Don’t we all deserve the opportunity to live a healthy life?  Now, if we can just force Congress to dismantle all corporate monopolies beginning with Monsanto . . .


Mother (Cancer) and Father (Capricorn) have to be re-energized as archetypal realities each year at this time.  The Cancer Mother is the source of nourishment and self-worth, while the Capricorn Father is the protector from and bridge to a large world.   What really nurtures us? How much protection do we need?  What kind of world do we want to create?  What’s stopping us from creating it?


All full Moons deal with awareness, with shining the light of consciousness (Sun) into the Unconscious (Moon).  Each full Moon asks us to become conscious of those aspects of life we all share in.  This month’s Moon in Capricorn deals with the rules of society, while the Sun in Cancer with the needs of the soul.  How well do the inner strictures and rules of patriarchy serve the needs of our souls?  Not very well it seems.

On an outer level, how well is our society serving our personal goals and our communal goals?  Do our government /financial institutions create an atmosphere of security and balance that helps us flourish as a people?  Or do they stifle our creativity, limit our possibilities and ignore our true needs?  Most people would rather have a clean environment, secure jobs, equal pay, better education, better access to health care, the opportunity to create a good life rather than a war.  Most people want a clean environment, but our representatives are more concerned with corporate welfare than our welfare.  Most people do not want war, and yet our taxes go to pay for wars that really only benefit the bankers, corporations and gun dealers.  Our needs would be better served by having our infrastructures revitalized, our educational system overhauled and our health system available to everyone who has been poisoned by corporate-generated pollution.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 13* Cancer is: A Hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study.  In palmistry, the thumb symbolizes the Will.  This symbol speaks to the power of our Will to shape our character.  We are given a chance to make choices every day that shape our character.  We can let circumstances overwhelm us or we can use our will to stand up for what we believe in and so shape our life to our own specifications.  We really don’t need others to tell us who we are if we take hold of ourselves and shape ourselves into the people we want to be.  Individuality can only be expressed through a strong character. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala, p. 118)  This image says Value who you really are.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 13* Capricorn is:  A Fire Worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.   Fire is a mysterious and fascinating element, one that symbolizes the power of consciousness and transformation.  It’s time to meditate on this powerful aspect of life, because we do need a big cultural transformation.  Fire can be both creative and destructive, and so we must use our WILL and our CHARACTER to decide how we will handle the coming transformations. 

There is a fateful YOD between Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn.  Our job is to communicate (Mercury) with charm and creativity (Venus) about the issues facing our world (Pluto). 

There is a helpful fire trine between Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Leo and the North Node in Sagittarius that can focus our will and our words towards healing and higher truths.  We can try to find a way to form a bridge of understanding with those people who are frightened by the changes.  The more powerful our vision of a possible future is, the easier it will be to explain it to others.

There is also a T-square (3 or more planets at 90* angles) between Ceres, the South Node, Jupiter and Venus in Gemini, the North Node in Sagittarius and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  These energies in mutable signs want to finish up old business and re-focus our attention on Cosmic Truth.  Which is, we are all one species and partake of one spirit.  It’s time we worked together toward a common future instead of fighting over it (Mars is in Libra, the sign of cooperation and diplomacy). 

July 3 – Mars goes into Libra after 8 months in Virgo.  If you haven’t gotten your act together yet, you’ll see it in how your relationships play out in the next 6 weeks.

July 13th – Uranus goes retrograde until December 13th, turning its radical energy inward, awakening us to those internal structures that keep us imprisoned in the past.  Another internal wake-up call for all of us.  The Sabian symbol for Uranus at 9*Aries is: A crystal gazer.  This symbolizes the development of an awareness of organic wholeness; the round sphere holds within it images of future possibilities.  It’s time to turn within to find those images.

July 14th – Mercury goes retrograde until August 7th.  You know the drill – release, refine, redo.  Mercury goes retrograde at 13*Leo: An old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage.  This image of quiet recollection brings us the wisdom we need, gleaned from our past experiences, to understand that future we’re look for in the crystal ball.

Happy Birthday America!  My wish for us is to finally grow up and realize that true freedom requires us to make choices and stand up for what we believe in.

Bright Blessings to all of us, all over the World!