Pisces Full Moon August 31, 2012

The Cosmic Story: Pisces/Virgo Full Moon 2012

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.
Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell


This week’s Pisces full Moon mixes the watery energies of the collective unconscious with our Virgo (Sun) self-knowledge.  Coming after the Leo new Moon, this full moon energy can make us aware of how committed we are to ‘following our bliss’ as well as how our bliss can serve our collective needs.  Don’t forget, we are (and will continue to be for many years) in the energetic vortex of the Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn.  The patriarchy is dying, but it’s not ‘going gently into the night’.  The Cosmic Story is telling us that it’s up to each of us to first let our allegiance to patriarchy die within us.  When we step outside our patriarchal conditioning, we begin the quest for our bliss, our Holy Grail; we step into an unknown future.  We create it.  And if you’re reading this, you’re one of the people committed to creating a new world.   

On August 16th, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 1987, which was my first awakening to the significance of 2012.  At the time, the 25-year time-frame seemed far away, but suddenly, here we are.  2012: a time of endings and beginnings.  The inner work we’ve done to become more self-aware these past 25 years wants to bear fruit now.  2012 doesn’t signify the literal end of the world.  It signifies an inner shift, the death of our patriarchal conditioning as well as a soul-healing that redeems our karmic debt.  It’s time to accept the experiences that shaped us, and see them as lessons we had to confront on our self-chosen Hero/ine’s Journey.  What have we learned???  Now let go of the past.  We have befriended our dragons, haven’t we?  It’s time to bring back the treasure and the story to our sisters and brothers so they can begin their own journeys.     

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign that symbolizes a return to Source, the collective unconscious.  If you know a Pisces, you understand that this is not as wildly exciting as it sounds!  These collective energies can reinvigorate us or they can dissolve our sense of self.  Creation and destruction are the foundational laws of our universe.  We have to be prepared to encounter either or both states when we enter Pisces’ watery realms.  The best way to navigate the energies of a Pisces Moon is to understand that feelings want to move like water, so remember all the different ways that water and emotions move: a river’s swift current, the power of ocean waves, the force of a waterfall, the calm stillness of a breezeless day, or the mysterious depths of a natural spring.  Observe your feelings; see how your emotional state flows or is blocked during the full Moon. 

Then ask yourself – if I’m feeling this way, how is everyone else doing?  With the Moon in Pisces, we are part of the experience of the collective’s feelings.  If some of us know how to navigate these waters and channel them within ourselves, we can affect the whole emotional temperature of our times.  This is so important since I keep hearing that the West is set to go to war again.  Do we really want WWIII?  This is our moment to re-channel the collective unconscious towards peaceful, transformative healing archetypal energies, energies we must be willing to embody and manifest in the world.  

In many ways, the Age of Pisces gave rise to a culture based in pain and sin, rewards and punishments, domination and submission. As we transit into a new world Age, our work is to understand what we learned from all that pain and guilt and LET IT GO.  We are spiritual Beings here on Earth having a human experience.  So while returning to Source can help us ‘fuel-up’ on our spiritual energy, it also asks us to expand our human perceptions. That’s what happens in the mystical, ‘quantum-mechanics’ world of Pisces.  We enter the shapeless Void.

Pisces can also be disorienting because it is such an empathetic sign, it dissolves our sense of ourselves as singular entities.   ‘Who’s feeling what’ is an apt question for Pisces Moon.  Pisces symbolizes the vast ocean of the collective unconscious, the collective memory of the Earth and our human journey.  It is the home of all the archetypal patterns that make us who we are.   Traveling through its vast watery depths can be confusing, alluring and downright dangerous. 

It helps if you’re a mermaid.  That’s the energy you need as you traverse the watery depths of Pisces.  The mermaid symbolizes right-brain knowing, a feeling, intuitive connection to the pulse of the world.  Obviously, there are big energies lurking there, and they need to be respected. Mermaids can navigate the currents and befriend the behemoths lurking in the depths.  And then they can surface and sing of what they’ve seen.  That’s why we are so easily enchanted by their song - they call to us out of the depths of ourselves – come home!

Now Virgo is an Earth sign which can help us as we make our way in the watery depths because of its grounded practical energy.  Virgo’s purpose is to discern what energy we encounter and help us integrate it into our lives in a practical way.  The Virgo Sun can remind us of who we are if the Pisces Moon makes us feel lost and afraid and out of our element.  An unconscious Virgo Sun is a good symbol for our western ego which has adapted to the goals of the outer world.  But Virgo’s true gift is to connect us to our Self, our inner Source, and it wants to symbolize an Ego that is aligned with the Self.   Virgo’s motto is “Know ThySelf.”

Virgo is big on belonging to herself.  The sign of the Virgin who is fruitful!  It’s the sign that asks us to integrate all the different aspects of our life - our physical body, our values, our mind, our emotional body, our creative essence - into a form that expresses our truth in the world.  It is the energy of discipleship and service, of the master craftsman and magician, of self-knowledge and self-ownership.

The dynamic energies of this opposition between our conscious self and the Collective Unconscious entail surrender and discipleship, imagination and skill, vision and service.  Pisces’ energy teaches us to surrender to Spirit and Virgo accepts the discipleship that keeps us on track.  Pisces is a source of imagination while Virgo can give us the skills to manifest what we imagine.  Pisces can unite us in a common vision but our Virgo is what makes us willing to be of service to the world.

Pisces Full Moon 2012

The Pisces Full Moon occurs On Friday, August 31st at 6:59am PDT/ 9:59am EDT/ 1:59pm GMT.  People say it’s a Blue Moon because it’s the 2nd full moon in August.  Since calendar months are man-made, I believe that the real Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons in an astrological month, which makes more sense if it’s supposed to be special, since the Moon’s cycle switches when this happens.  But you can enjoy the beauty of this full moon anyway!

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 9* Pisces is: A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.  This is a symbol of the intense focus it takes to direct our energies to our goals.  Since it’s a Piscean symbol, the water horses indicate a powerful surge in the collective unconscious.  Imagine those foaming horses from The Fellowship of the Rings, as the power of Rivendell comes to rescue Arwen and Frodo from the Black Riders.  Don’t be surprised if there are powerful energies around this full Moon.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 9* Virgo is: An expressionist painter at work. This symbol shows us how Virgo works to express her true inner Being.  Be an original and follow your bliss!

Other Planetary Influences

Neptune and Chiron are close to this Pisces Moon, so expect to dream big and find healing in the most unlikely places.  Both Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn lend their tremendous energies to transforming the old you into the True You.  Neptune makes us ultra-sensitive to others, and Venus in Cancer along with Mars and Juno in Scorpio give us a water trine that opens us psychically.  Stay grounded and be open.

Jupiter squares this full Moon.  Jupiter has almost reached the degree where Venus traveled across the face of the Sun in June, opening us to loving thoughts.  Jupiter was the ancient ruler of Pisces, so along with Neptune, he is involved in this full Moon energy.  Jupiter in Gemini gives us the curiosity to dive deeper into the Imagination and bring back what is immortal from the depths.  We all emerged from the ocean, just as our psyches emerged from the collective unconscious.  Jupiter in Gemini can help us sort through and name the energies we touch on in the depths.

Uranus and Pallas in Aries along with Mercury in Leo add fire to the mix, engendering the enthusiasm, strategies and creativity to act on our visions.  The Lunar Nodes shift out of Sagittarius and Gemini on August 29th into Scorpio and Taurus.  Our next collective assignment is to transform (Scorpio) our values (Taurus) to meet our current global situation.  The Earth (Taurus) needs us to stop treating it as a dead ‘thing’ and instead, get on intimate terms with Her.  We need a new relationship to life and this next year, until February 18, 2014, we get to work things out.

Venus in Cancer pushes Saturn in Libra to ensure that everyone gets nurtured by the new vision, so remember your dreams this week, love the people you’re with, and seek ‘the peace that passes all understanding’ as you continue your journey this month.

Happy Full Moon!