Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A.

Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A.

Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A. is a certified Core Energy Life Coach as well as a Jungian-trained Psychotherapist.  She has worked with the tools of the Imagination for 30 years.

"I am a spiritual guide based in the Wisdom tradition of the sacred feminine within both women and men.  Through private sessions, classes, and dream work, I offer support for you to untangle old complexes that keep you in pain so you can then connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and spirit, and develop your greatest gifts to give to the world."   Cathy Pagano 


In addition to her B.A. in Religion & Philosophy from Colby College, Cathy Pagano got her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College, where she studied the Psychology of the Feminine Psyche. Cathy also trained for three years at the C.G. Jung Institut-Zurich, where she learned how to work with and interpret dreams as the path to Individuation.

 Working with the Unconscious inspired her to learn more about the tools of the Imagination, which access the Unconscious and speak to the Soul.  Cathy has studied Archetypal Astrology for 25 years as a way  of understanding human nature and our relationship to the Cosmos. She discovered that astrology has been the basis of Western philosophy, and it has helped clients as a personality indicator and diagnostic tool.

Cathy is a Certified Empowerment Coach, specializing in Midlife Renewal and Individuation Coaching.  Her experience as a mother and counselor enhance her work as a Relationship and Family Coach.  Her work as a Wisdom Coach puts you in touch with your own inner wisdom.   Cathy leads Wise Women Salons that open women to their original natures and powers.

            Cathy's background in Dream Work and Mythology makes her a strong Story Coach,  using her knowledge of the great mythological traditions of the world to help writers and artists access the power of the Collective Unconscious to create works of art that speak to people on the deepest levels.

Cathy's Tools for Healing:  Dream Work, Jungian Psychotherapy, Astrology, Past Life Regressions, Wisdom Coaching - Midlife, Relationship/Family, Spirituality.

Cathy's Numerology:

Name expression for 'Cathy Lynn Pagano' is number is 5

Your expression is movement. You might like to watch nature. Sometimes you prefer to be the teacher then be taught. You may have more than one talent or skill. You’re about wisdom, and it’s your creative ability that might bring innovation to many. This might make you a specialist in more than one career, it’s this constant movement and adaptation is what you’re about. This might make you like travel and new experiences.

Destiny number 5

It’s an excellent destiny number for those that share the same physic number however for the rest of us, it is a favourable number compared to others. 5’s become independent and wise making them attractive and strong people. A destiny number 5 is a quick thinker, gentle kind and has wisdom. A number 5 usually has good luck around them; they are optimistic, realistic and versatile. The profession suited to a number 5 is businessman, creative writers, entertainers or into astrology.

5’s are excellent communicators, and need a lot of variety to keep things from getting dull. Being a strong communicator and being good at what you do, others can become jealous. So some friendships for life are brushed aside, as you outgrow most people.

The desire for travel, change and progress through all phases of your life, make you bored and restless when your surroundings stay stagnant. This can produce many changes in your life path, as your attention span can be low and you need variety.

Being on the move, travel and the desire to meet new people will present a lot of opportunities and successes. So your power comes through other people.

Phychic number 4

Being born on any day of the month that adds up to Four eg; 4, 13, 22, 31, makes you a physic number four. The 31st been the most fortunate if you are born on this date. Being a number Four usually makes you usually kind, reliable and well mannered to the opposite sex, making them have life long friendships and relationships. Four’s like balance and order and are most practical in their lifestyles this brings rewards later in life. On the down side they have a moody temper and sometimes have behavioural issues. They struggle to grow in their youth and sometimes rebel against enforced laws and regulations making them misunderstood by others. They can be selfish if they want to get what they want and hurting someone along the way is not in their worry.

Special Talents

Your attraction number taps into your unconscious being and shows what you attract to your life with ease. With this knowledge you can make an effort to leverage your naturally ability. You will find that following this path will create a positive mindset and make things around you more prosperous.

Attraction 8

You will find that with minimum effort you will attract passion to move people to completion and the ability to motivate and generate authority in Self-confident way.