"Imagination is more important than Knowledge." Albert Einstein


Wisdom of Astrology

Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A.

Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Astrology, Wisdom Coaching


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Walk the Path of Conscious Purpose with Wisdom Coaching

Wisdom Coaching helps you access your Creativity and your Imagination
to bring about profound trans-formations in your life.
Whether you need help navigating through mid-life, discovering your unique purpose in life, reclaiming your feminine power or discovering your creativity, Wisdom Coaching can help you. 

Coaching is about partnership - I help you discover what's inside you and together we build a plan to manifest your dreams, your ideas and your purpose. 

Whether you want to write, start a business, empower yourself or work on your relationships, coaching can help you Change Your Life!

Pursue Self-Knowledge With
Jungian Psychotherapy

C. G. Jung felt that it was important to combine  the two 'arts' : Astrology, which lays out the fundamental pattern of a person's life, and Depth Psychology and Dream Work, which fills in the individual content of your life's experience.

Astrology can pinpoint the issues, while Dream Work gives you access to how you are relating to those issues - your individual response to the astrological patterns of your life.

Discover Your Soul’s Blueprint with  Archetypal Astrology

Astrology Readings are fun, very informative and helpful - giving you insights into your life while together we develop strategies for creative growth.

Astrology readings tell you about your personality, your life's purpose, your life strategies, your talents and your hangups.

We can use the timing rhythms of astrology, called transits, to understand what is coming down the road, where you have to pay attention, and how you might handle it when it comes.

Whether you want to know about yourself, your family, your relationships, your friends, your career, and your hopes and dreams for the future, astrology can offer suggestions and strategies that suit you.

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